Chaos Moon – Amissum

Good afternoon everybody. We’ re back with another review. Chaos Moon is a black metal band from the United States. ”Amissum” ep is their latest release. It’s going to be released this month through Hellthrasher Productions. First thing that made a huge impression on me is the album’s front cover artwork. It’s one of those cases where the front cover tells a lot about what dwells inside the album. And that’s nothing but darkness, agony and despair. Apart from black metal their music combines other elements such as dark ambient and a bit of post metal. Make no mistake though. Black metal is clearly predominant here. Let us begin our journey to Amissum. It begins with an imposing track called ”Amissum”. When that eerie outro ended i thought to myself that this is clearly a magnificent track. So how much greater can it get? Well, it can. ”Resurrection” I, II and III is the answer.  There are not enough words to describe how awesome or how epic these three tracks are. I felt my heart beating faster on ”Resurrection” II. There was nothing i could do but listen again and again to these three songs. I certainly did not expect this. ”To transcend the Spine” is another excellent song. This is one madrigal that you need to listen to as soon as possible. ”Illusions of Dusk and Dawn” is the album’s last track. Our journey seems to come to and end but it clearly does not end here. Chaos Moon is definitely not your typical black metal band. ”Amissum” sounds fresh and inspired. Their songs are structured in a way that will leave you with no choice but to recognize that here we have something. But enough with me talking. Just listen to ”Amissum” and draw your own conclusions. Check out these links:


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