Rorcal – Creon

Ω κοινόν, αυτάδελφον Ισμήνης κάρα! Or in plain english ”Oh my dearest Ismene!”. That’s how Sophocles starts his great poem ”Antigone”. Ancient greek literature has inspired and it is still inspiring artists around the world. Rorcal is a five piece band, formed in Geneva, Switzerland back in 2006. The band’s music is mainly black metal with some doom metal also. Their new album ”Creon” will be released on the 25th of March. This is obviously a concept album. It is based on the the thebean circle (θηβαϊκός κύκλος). Creon was the uncle of Antigone and Polynices. On septem contra Thebas Polynices marches against the city of Thebes to take back what he thought was his. His army was defeated by the Thebeans and Creon, who became king of Thebes, ordered that no one should bury the body of dead Polynices. Antigone defied his order and paid the price. Creon actually buried her alive. Once Haemon caught wind of Antigone’s death he killed himself. And when Eurydice heard about Haemon’s death, she also killed herself. If you wish to learn more about these plays you can check out ”Oedipus the king”, ”Seven against Thebes” and ”Antigone”. Now let us go back to ”Creon”. Four tracks are included in this album. All tracks are named after the characters named above. This album was my introduction to Rorcal. And, definitely their music contains a certain amount of epicness. It is dark of course and seriously heavy. And it definitely works for me. For example in ”Polynices” i could almost feel his anger and his anxiety fighting against Eteocles. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an imposing song. ”Antigone” sacrificed herself. She remained devoted to the gods and to her brother. This song is pure black metal. ”Haemon” is another great one as well. In my opinion though ”Eurydice” is the album’s best song. It gave me so many emotions. Despair, angst and a bit of hope. But you quickly come to realize that there is trully no hope. All of the above are going to meet their fate. So what do i think about ”Creon” ? Well, i think it’s a great album. I must say i enjoyed it. Black metal fans dig in.


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