Primitive Man/Northless – Split

finalPMNLsplitshitFRONT CROP
I’ve said it before and i’m going to say it again. I’m a big fan of Primitive Man. This time they team up with Northless to release this split album. I’ve recently discovered Northless. This split made me want to check out more of their stuff. Four tracks are included in today’s album. Primitive Man contribute with one track while Northless contribute with three. First track, which is called ”Empty Husk” belongs to Primitive Man. It is an epic, massive song. Words are not enough to describe how heavy this song is. My ears felt the barbarism. Just give it a listen and you’ ll see what i’m sayin’ here. As i have already said i’m a newcomer to Northless. There’s no doubt in my mind that these guys know their sludge. I liked all of their songs. Nevertheless if i had to single one out that would have to be ”Wasted Breath”. Hands down, this is a beast of a song. Personally, i must say i quite enjoyed this album. Check out these links:


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