Chronoboros – Dialing Up The Cutter

I recently saw a flyer of an upcoming live here in Athens. On the 12th of March, Sun of Nothing, Chronoboros and Mob are playing at An Club. I’ve never heard of Chronoboros before but i thought to myself ”Damn, this is a really cool name for a band”. So i became quite eager to check out their stuff. Thus i did. Back in November the band released ”Dialing Up The Cutter”. This five track ep is their debut release. Their music is an exciting blend of hardcore, extreme metal and some sludge also. Back in the day they used to call it mathcore. This may be a bit of a cliche expression but genres come and go. Creativity is what matters the most. And without a shadow of a doubt this is the case here. This ep starts impressively with ”Gut Tracker”. Nice intro no doubt, to be followed by one of my favorite tracks from this ep that is ”Raise these Wolves(Like they were mine)” of course. ”Harpoon” gave me a bit of ”jazzy” vibe if you will. Definitely liked that a lot. Now, in my opinion ”Bison Unit” is the album’s best track. It’s such a massive, heavy track. To be honest it is the one i focused the most. ”Clean Cop” is the last track and it is another great one as well. Question is : how do i feel about this ep? Well, i loved it, i rocked it, i’m down with it therefore i wish to recommend it. Check out these links:


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