Totem Skin – Weltschmerz

Lately i’ve been listening to this album called ”Weltschmerz” by Totem Skin. Totem Skin is a five piece band from Sweden. ”Weltschmerz” (i think it means world’s pain in german) is their newest release. First of all, let me just state that what caught my attention here, in the first place, is the album’s front cover art. I thought that was really cool. The band’s music is a mixture of  extreme metal, grindcore, d-beat and hardcore also. What made an impression on me is that the album’s production is pretty damn’ good. First track is called ”Always Ire” and i loved its neocrust vibe. Really nice track to be followed by ”Longing Leans and Beckons”. Great track as well with some concrete basslines. ”Reckless Recluse” is a step closer to black metal. You can find some great riffage here. Hats off to the band for the epic outro. Hands down, ”Pretend” is an excellent track. It’s one of my favorites from Weltschmerz. ”Distant Visitant” is a cool song no doubt. In my opinion though ”I de Blindas Ar Den Enogde Kung ” is the album’s best track. Forgive me for i do not speak swedish but certainly this is a massive, epic, heavy (three adjectives are not adequate) song. So in my attempt to sum up i wish to say that ”Weltschmerz” is a good example of how extreme music should sound today. As for me, i must say i quite enjoyed this album. I’m down with it therefore before i conclude this review i would like to recommend it. Links:


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