Atrament – Eternal Downfall

It’s tuesday afternoon and we continue on with our reviews. Today we have some heavy stuff for you. Atrament is a four piece d-beat, crust band from the United States. I got a promo of their upcoming, debut album from Broken Limbs Recordings so i decided to give it a listen. Their album is called ”Eternal Downfall” and it is seriously good. So here’s some thoughts of mine about it. First of all, let me tell you that eleven tracks are included in this album. Atrament is definitely not your typical crust/ d-beat band. And that’s because they have incorporated some other elements in their music, elements like old school death metal and cold black metal riffs. Imagine something between Dismember and Warcollapse. I’m not 100% sure about the previous but you get the idea. Today’s album is like a lethal dose of heaviness. They have managed to record an album where all the genres ,that we talked about previously, coexist here harmonically. For example check out ”Hericide”. This is the album’s fifth song and one of my favorites also. Take good notice of its excellent black metal outro. The album as a whole sounds fresh, inspired, fast and of course heavy as fuck. Therefore it is highly recommended. Check out these links:


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