Rotting Christ – Rituals

We have some really good news for you. Rotting Christ are back with a new album. In my opinion, this band needs no introduction. They’ re simply one of the best black metal bands out there. Nevertheless, for those of you who don’t know let me just state that this band from Athens has been delivering from the very beginning great albums. ”Rituals” was released on the 12th of February through Season of Mist. The band delivers eleven new tracks. In ”Rituals” the band’s music retains its dark character. There’s a certain degree of epicness here. Take ”For a voice like Thunder” for example. And you can certainly find some impressive tracks here like ”Konx om Panx” and ”In Nomine Dei Nostri”. I like to perceive these eleven tracks as parts of a litany. Listening to ”Elthe Kyrie” and ”Tou Thanatou” among other tracks made me feel this way. One can not miss to notice how impressive backing vocals and guest vocals sound on this album. I must admit that Danai Katsameni’s vocals on ”Elthe Kyrie” gave me the chills. I mean that was damn’ impressive. What’s also really ipressive is the usage of tsampounas in certain tracks (greek traditional music instrument similar to bagpipes. It definitely adds up to whole epicness thing. Also prepare thy selves for some awesome guitar solos. I have to say there’s no doubt in my mind that ”Rituals” is an excellent album. We don’t have a grading scale here but if we had one this would definitely be a 8,5 or 9 out of 10. I also believe that die hard Rotting Christ fans are gonna love it. Check out these links:


Eternal Black – Eternal Black

Eternal Black - Eternal Black - cover
Eternal Black is a three piece band from the United States. They were formed back in 2015. ”Eternal Black” ep is their debut release. The band introduced themselves to us through this three track ep. Good ol’ doom metal is the case here with nice sabbath-like riffs. First track is called ”Obsidian Sky”. This song incorporates almost everything that we like about this music. And that’s of course immense groove, really nice vocals and cool guitar solos. In my opinion ”The Dead die Hard” is this ep’s best track. I have to say i’m down with its old school vibe. ”Darkness shines bright” you say. In the beginning i didn’t get it. But i think i get it now. Last but not least, we have ”Armageddon’s Embrace”. This track reminded me a bit of Eyehategod. Really nice one. So what can i say about this ep? Well, i enjoyed it and i have nothing negative to say about it whatsoever. O.k perhaps i wanted to hear more songs from this band. Let’s hope we will hear more from them in the near future. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Eternal Black”:

Rorcal – Creon

Ω κοινόν, αυτάδελφον Ισμήνης κάρα! Or in plain english ”Oh my dearest Ismene!”. That’s how Sophocles starts his great poem ”Antigone”. Ancient greek literature has inspired and it is still inspiring artists around the world. Rorcal is a five piece band, formed in Geneva, Switzerland back in 2006. The band’s music is mainly black metal with some doom metal also. Their new album ”Creon” will be released on the 25th of March. This is obviously a concept album. It is based on the the thebean circle (θηβαϊκός κύκλος). Creon was the uncle of Antigone and Polynices. On septem contra Thebas Polynices marches against the city of Thebes to take back what he thought was his. His army was defeated by the Thebeans and Creon, who became king of Thebes, ordered that no one should bury the body of dead Polynices. Antigone defied his order and paid the price. Creon actually buried her alive. Once Haemon caught wind of Antigone’s death he killed himself. And when Eurydice heard about Haemon’s death, she also killed herself. If you wish to learn more about these plays you can check out ”Oedipus the king”, ”Seven against Thebes” and ”Antigone”. Now let us go back to ”Creon”. Four tracks are included in this album. All tracks are named after the characters named above. This album was my introduction to Rorcal. And, definitely their music contains a certain amount of epicness. It is dark of course and seriously heavy. And it definitely works for me. For example in ”Polynices” i could almost feel his anger and his anxiety fighting against Eteocles. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an imposing song. ”Antigone” sacrificed herself. She remained devoted to the gods and to her brother. This song is pure black metal. ”Haemon” is another great one as well. In my opinion though ”Eurydice” is the album’s best song. It gave me so many emotions. Despair, angst and a bit of hope. But you quickly come to realize that there is trully no hope. All of the above are going to meet their fate. So what do i think about ”Creon” ? Well, i think it’s a great album. I must say i enjoyed it. Black metal fans dig in.

LaCasta – Encyclia

LaCasta is a four piece band from Italy. They were formed back in 2013. Last year, on the 6th of December they released their first ep called ”Encyclia”. Six tracks are included in this ep. The band’s music can be described as blackened hardcore. What you must do is take 50% black metal and 50% hardcore and mix it. The great outcome you get is Encyclia. The album starts with a great eerie, almost haunting one could say, intro. Next track is called is called ”No Hope”. And by all means, this song is bloody fantastic. They actually did a video clip for this track:

”The reaction will never come” is the album’s third track. It has some great riffage and a cold black metal intro. And then comes ”You are nothing”. Quite a nihilistic title for a song one could say. Matters not. It’s a great song. I mean, i’m a bit lost for words here. The combination of blastbeats, black metal riffs and beatdown hardcore works for me. Oh yes sir, it does. ”Rejection of Life” is awesome too. Check the point at 01:24. That’s some exquisite riffage. Last but not least we have ”Goddess”. This is more of an atmospheric, ambient track if you will. Make no mistake though. It is an essential part to ”Encyclia”. Well, there’s a new band in town and its name is LaCasta. Mark that name. In my opinion, the band introduced themselves to us quite emphatically. I loved all of their songs, their awesome, cold as fuck riffs, and their great vocals. Yes, i’m down with this stuff. ”Encyclia” is one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months. They made a fan out of me and i’m pretty sure the same thing will happen with you too.

Primitive Man/Northless – Split

finalPMNLsplitshitFRONT CROP
I’ve said it before and i’m going to say it again. I’m a big fan of Primitive Man. This time they team up with Northless to release this split album. I’ve recently discovered Northless. This split made me want to check out more of their stuff. Four tracks are included in today’s album. Primitive Man contribute with one track while Northless contribute with three. First track, which is called ”Empty Husk” belongs to Primitive Man. It is an epic, massive song. Words are not enough to describe how heavy this song is. My ears felt the barbarism. Just give it a listen and you’ ll see what i’m sayin’ here. As i have already said i’m a newcomer to Northless. There’s no doubt in my mind that these guys know their sludge. I liked all of their songs. Nevertheless if i had to single one out that would have to be ”Wasted Breath”. Hands down, this is a beast of a song. Personally, i must say i quite enjoyed this album. Check out these links:

Chronoboros – Dialing Up The Cutter

I recently saw a flyer of an upcoming live here in Athens. On the 12th of March, Sun of Nothing, Chronoboros and Mob are playing at An Club. I’ve never heard of Chronoboros before but i thought to myself ”Damn, this is a really cool name for a band”. So i became quite eager to check out their stuff. Thus i did. Back in November the band released ”Dialing Up The Cutter”. This five track ep is their debut release. Their music is an exciting blend of hardcore, extreme metal and some sludge also. Back in the day they used to call it mathcore. This may be a bit of a cliche expression but genres come and go. Creativity is what matters the most. And without a shadow of a doubt this is the case here. This ep starts impressively with ”Gut Tracker”. Nice intro no doubt, to be followed by one of my favorite tracks from this ep that is ”Raise these Wolves(Like they were mine)” of course. ”Harpoon” gave me a bit of ”jazzy” vibe if you will. Definitely liked that a lot. Now, in my opinion ”Bison Unit” is the album’s best track. It’s such a massive, heavy track. To be honest it is the one i focused the most. ”Clean Cop” is the last track and it is another great one as well. Question is : how do i feel about this ep? Well, i loved it, i rocked it, i’m down with it therefore i wish to recommend it. Check out these links:

Totem Skin – Weltschmerz

Lately i’ve been listening to this album called ”Weltschmerz” by Totem Skin. Totem Skin is a five piece band from Sweden. ”Weltschmerz” (i think it means world’s pain in german) is their newest release. First of all, let me just state that what caught my attention here, in the first place, is the album’s front cover art. I thought that was really cool. The band’s music is a mixture of  extreme metal, grindcore, d-beat and hardcore also. What made an impression on me is that the album’s production is pretty damn’ good. First track is called ”Always Ire” and i loved its neocrust vibe. Really nice track to be followed by ”Longing Leans and Beckons”. Great track as well with some concrete basslines. ”Reckless Recluse” is a step closer to black metal. You can find some great riffage here. Hats off to the band for the epic outro. Hands down, ”Pretend” is an excellent track. It’s one of my favorites from Weltschmerz. ”Distant Visitant” is a cool song no doubt. In my opinion though ”I de Blindas Ar Den Enogde Kung ” is the album’s best track. Forgive me for i do not speak swedish but certainly this is a massive, epic, heavy (three adjectives are not adequate) song. So in my attempt to sum up i wish to say that ”Weltschmerz” is a good example of how extreme music should sound today. As for me, i must say i quite enjoyed this album. I’m down with it therefore before i conclude this review i would like to recommend it. Links: