I am a big fan of Ulver. As i’ ve said in previous posts, my favorite Ulver era is the black metal trilogy but i also liked albums like ”Perdition City”. And now they’ re back with a new album. So what’s it going to be now? Trip hop? Noise, post rock? electronic? Let’s find out.

First of all through the years it has become clear to me that you can never know what to expect from an Ulver album. In my opinion the Metamorphosis ep marked an era where there is nothing else but constant metamorphosis. The way i see it though that is really interesting. You must listen to ATGCLVLSSCAP about three or four times to start realizing what it is all about. Then the complexity of its nature unfolds in front of you. I think the first three tracks work as a big intro if you will. ”Cromagnosis” is a really nice track. I must say i enjoyed those bongos. It’s a cool addition to an album that can only be described as atmospheric. I think it gives a certain sense of groove here. Listening to ”Desert/ Dawn” two words come to mind: ”Eerie and ethereal”. If you’ re into esoteric stuff you should definitely check out ”Gold Beach”. ”Solaris” is excellent as well. In my opinion Ulver fans are not going to be disappointed.

Personally i enjoyed ATGCLVLSSCAP. I was a bit tempted to talk about which album is better; Shadows of the Sun or ATGCLVLSSCAP? Well, i’m not really sure. One thing’s for sure. Wolves evolve. Check this out:


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