Pocket – Full Bloom

Pocket is a three piece, punk rock band from Philadelphia, U.S. Back in June they released ”Full Bloom”. This album is their latest release. I really liked it therefore i thought i should say something about it. First of all let me tell you that you can find ten tracks here. First track is called ”Return to Sender”. When i first heard it i was like ”o.k you have my attention. Let’s see what comes next”. Definitely the rest of their songs did not dissapoint me at all. Here what we have is nice, melodic punk. What’s really interesting about it is that in some of their songs they have blended their punk with some post hardcore creating excellent songs like ”Big Mouth”. If someone asked me to describe this album with only two words then i would probably use ”cool vibes”. And ladies and gentlemen, rest assure that cool vibes is what it’s all about here. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Full Bloom”:


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