Nonsun – Black Snow Desert

Expect the unexpected, someone once told me. In the beginning i was not quite sure what he meant. Life is full of surprises. Two weeks ago this album was recommended to me. I did not know what to expect. Nevertheless i decided to give it a listen. And i did. But let me tell you i sure as hell did not regret it.

The band is called Nonsun and it is composed of two members that go by the names Goatooth and Alpha. Nonsun was formed back in 2011 in Lviv, Ukraine. ”Black Snow Desert” which was released on the 6th of January is their newest release. You can find seven tracks here. I do not really want to start describing their sound as a mixture of this and that, e.t.c. Certainly their music is a blend of different styles. Nevertheless i think that trying to fully analyze their sound would be a completely wrong approach to Black Snow Desert. What you must do here is experience this album. I know that this is a cliche expression but trust me, this is the case here. First thing you must do is wait for the night to come. Then put on your headphones. Press play and enjoy the ride. This is definitely music of great ambience. It made me feel uncomfortable and it surely made me feel many emotions. After Desperation then came hope and after that pure oblivion. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s only you and that dark beauty that comes out of your speakers. Favorite tracks? No favorite tracks here. Just one great track cut to seven pieces.

”Black Snow Desert” is a great album. It is also a strong candidacy for album of the year. I realize we’ re still in January but what i want to do here is share my enthusiasm about this album. I would also like to address the band before i conclude this review. Gentlemen you do realize you have raised the bar on yourselves. This album is recommended for all doom/sludge fans. They made a fan out of me and i’m sure it will happen with you. Check out these links:


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