Overpain – Lifeweight

Hey everybody, how’s it going ? Two years ago i started writing for Tzertzelos. One of my first posts was about Overpain. For those of you unaware let me state that Overpain is a four piece, hardcore band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band was formed back in 2007.”Underrated/ Overhated” was their first, full length album. We have already talked about that album here in Tzertzelos. Back in December the band released a new ep called ”Lifeweight”. Seven tracks are included in this album. These seven tracks form an album of good ol’, raw, metallic hardcore. Lifeweight sounds seriously heavy. Once again i have to say i love how these beatdown parts mix with fast parts. Nikk’s vocals sound great as always. His vocals always give me a ”yeah, i said it. Deal with it” vibe.  Here what you’ ll find is nice riffs for sure. As for a favorite song? Well. i’m not so sure. I would have to choose between ”Deadlock”, ”Backbone” and ”Iceberg”. Still now i have not made up my mind. There’s one thing i’m sure about it though. This is a kick-ass ep and it needs to be played loud. Make your neighbours feel uncomfortable. Hardcore fans dig in:


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