The Force reawakens

Two days ago me and my friends from Tzertzelos deciced to go to the movies to see Star Wars. As usual they were late so i decided to light a cigarette and then buy some pop corn and a coke. The dude that gave me my pop corn must had joined the dark side because that was the worst pop corn i’ve ever eaten. Finally the rest of the Tzertzelos crew came so went to take our seats. It is widely known what Star Wars means to modern pop culture. I think there are very few people who cannot identify Darth Vader. Six films have been filmed. ”The Force awakens” is the seventh movie of the Star Wars cosmos. The story takes place approximately thirty years after the death of Darth Vader. Something evil lurks in the universe. It is actually called First Order. Some bad guys do not get along with the other dudes from the Resistance and want to bring ”order” to what they consider to be a chaotic situation. The person thought to be responsible for this chaos (according to the first order) is Luke Skywalker. Meanwhile the dudes from the resistance are trying to locate Luke Skywalker to help them fight this new evil force. So why did Luke disappear? I’m not sure. Did he want to get away from it all? Did he got dissapointed because his nephew is a total douche? Can’t really say. I must say though for me this is not a movie. This is more of a product if you will. An attempt to re-launch the star wars brand name and increase the sales. That’s what i got from this film. Don’t get me wrong. It was not a bad movie but it wasn’t something special either. Certainly the die hard Star Wars fans are going to like this film. I liked the fact that the original Luke Skywaker, Princess Leia and Han Solo reappered. And certainly you’ll like the new immense death star whith its huge laser gun. But enough with the spoilers. Personally i didn’t like at all the new Darth Vader called Kailo Ren (or something like that ) and lord Snok. I mean what the fuck was that? Also i didn’t get that thing with r2d2. What happenened there? Anyways, the thing is this was an ok film for me but i have the sense that Quentin Tarantino’s new movie is going to be better.


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