Pocket – Full Bloom

Pocket is a three piece, punk rock band from Philadelphia, U.S. Back in June they released ”Full Bloom”. This album is their latest release. I really liked it therefore i thought i should say something about it. First of all let me tell you that you can find ten tracks here. First track is called ”Return to Sender”. When i first heard it i was like ”o.k you have my attention. Let’s see what comes next”. Definitely the rest of their songs did not dissapoint me at all. Here what we have is nice, melodic punk. What’s really interesting about it is that in some of their songs they have blended their punk with some post hardcore creating excellent songs like ”Big Mouth”. If someone asked me to describe this album with only two words then i would probably use ”cool vibes”. And ladies and gentlemen, rest assure that cool vibes is what it’s all about here. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Full Bloom”:



I am a big fan of Ulver. As i’ ve said in previous posts, my favorite Ulver era is the black metal trilogy but i also liked albums like ”Perdition City”. And now they’ re back with a new album. So what’s it going to be now? Trip hop? Noise, post rock? electronic? Let’s find out.

First of all through the years it has become clear to me that you can never know what to expect from an Ulver album. In my opinion the Metamorphosis ep marked an era where there is nothing else but constant metamorphosis. The way i see it though that is really interesting. You must listen to ATGCLVLSSCAP about three or four times to start realizing what it is all about. Then the complexity of its nature unfolds in front of you. I think the first three tracks work as a big intro if you will. ”Cromagnosis” is a really nice track. I must say i enjoyed those bongos. It’s a cool addition to an album that can only be described as atmospheric. I think it gives a certain sense of groove here. Listening to ”Desert/ Dawn” two words come to mind: ”Eerie and ethereal”. If you’ re into esoteric stuff you should definitely check out ”Gold Beach”. ”Solaris” is excellent as well. In my opinion Ulver fans are not going to be disappointed.

Personally i enjoyed ATGCLVLSSCAP. I was a bit tempted to talk about which album is better; Shadows of the Sun or ATGCLVLSSCAP? Well, i’m not really sure. One thing’s for sure. Wolves evolve. Check this out:

Infant Death – Total Hell

Infant Death is a three piece, thrash metal band from Trondheim, Norway. Back in 2014, they released ”Total Hell”. This is their latest full length release. Twelve tracks are included in this album. Well, everything shouts 80’s here. From the album cover to the title songs (”feel the blade” for example). ”Total Hell” seems to me like the ultimate ode to 80’s thrash metal. It’s time to put on again your tight jeans and your reebok sneakers. In my opinion, these guys here are not interested in reinventing the way you perceive music. Nevertheless they have recorded some killer tracks like ”None shall flee” and ”Sadistic Rights”. The whole record is heavy and fast as fuck. What i also loved about this album is their vocals. Hands down, here what we have is some epic vocals! ”Total Hell” is suitable for a lot of headbanging. Definitely recommended for fans of Slayer, Possessed, Bathory, Sodom, Destruction, Aura Noir. So if you’ re a fan of the bands listed above do yourself a favor and listen to this album. Links:

Nonsun – Black Snow Desert

Expect the unexpected, someone once told me. In the beginning i was not quite sure what he meant. Life is full of surprises. Two weeks ago this album was recommended to me. I did not know what to expect. Nevertheless i decided to give it a listen. And i did. But let me tell you i sure as hell did not regret it.

The band is called Nonsun and it is composed of two members that go by the names Goatooth and Alpha. Nonsun was formed back in 2011 in Lviv, Ukraine. ”Black Snow Desert” which was released on the 6th of January is their newest release. You can find seven tracks here. I do not really want to start describing their sound as a mixture of this and that, e.t.c. Certainly their music is a blend of different styles. Nevertheless i think that trying to fully analyze their sound would be a completely wrong approach to Black Snow Desert. What you must do here is experience this album. I know that this is a cliche expression but trust me, this is the case here. First thing you must do is wait for the night to come. Then put on your headphones. Press play and enjoy the ride. This is definitely music of great ambience. It made me feel uncomfortable and it surely made me feel many emotions. After Desperation then came hope and after that pure oblivion. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s only you and that dark beauty that comes out of your speakers. Favorite tracks? No favorite tracks here. Just one great track cut to seven pieces.

”Black Snow Desert” is a great album. It is also a strong candidacy for album of the year. I realize we’ re still in January but what i want to do here is share my enthusiasm about this album. I would also like to address the band before i conclude this review. Gentlemen you do realize you have raised the bar on yourselves. This album is recommended for all doom/sludge fans. They made a fan out of me and i’m sure it will happen with you. Check out these links:

Overpain – Lifeweight

Hey everybody, how’s it going ? Two years ago i started writing for Tzertzelos. One of my first posts was about Overpain. For those of you unaware let me state that Overpain is a four piece, hardcore band from Thessaloniki, Greece. The band was formed back in 2007.”Underrated/ Overhated” was their first, full length album. We have already talked about that album here in Tzertzelos. Back in December the band released a new ep called ”Lifeweight”. Seven tracks are included in this album. These seven tracks form an album of good ol’, raw, metallic hardcore. Lifeweight sounds seriously heavy. Once again i have to say i love how these beatdown parts mix with fast parts. Nikk’s vocals sound great as always. His vocals always give me a ”yeah, i said it. Deal with it” vibe.  Here what you’ ll find is nice riffs for sure. As for a favorite song? Well. i’m not so sure. I would have to choose between ”Deadlock”, ”Backbone” and ”Iceberg”. Still now i have not made up my mind. There’s one thing i’m sure about it though. This is a kick-ass ep and it needs to be played loud. Make your neighbours feel uncomfortable. Hardcore fans dig in:

2 Years Tzertzelos

Hello everybody. Today we’ re celebrating two years of tzertzelo (Tzertzelos= Just having a good time). Two years ago me and my friend Kaze were discussing about music in a pub. He came up to me saying ”we’ re always doing this. Why don’t we do something about it? We should start a blog.”. Thus we did. So we started talking about our favorite music. In the meanwhile we discovered numerous, awesome bands from all over the world. You can check out our archives. There you’ ll find many of those bands. These two years have been quite an experience for us. I’ d like to think that we have broaden our horizonts a bit. Though, our main cause from day one has remained the same. And what is that? To support the underground and underground artists of course. So what now? Well, we continue doing our thing. You can of course check out our facebook and our tumblr page for more features like live photo-reports, street art e.t.c. Speaking of art, we took the decision of changing our logo. So we addressed Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design. The man delivered and he gave us our new logo. So i present to you our new logo:


Kaze’s favorite artists for 2015

Hello people,
it’s been some time since i wrote my last article and i was thinking to
collect my favorite artists for 2015 in one article.
This means that I’ve collected all artists of which I’ve spent significant amount of time in listening to ALL of their work during 2015, not just one or two songs/albums.

The artist genres that prevailed for 2015 are black metal & sludge metal, then hardcore & crust follows, in comparison with last year’s list where psychedelic/space rock was the most dominant genre.

For each artist reference, I provide a favorite track in order to allow you to get a taste of their work.

Here they are, in alphabetical order…
Go & listen to some music!

Who: Absolutist
What: Crust, Ireland


Who: Antimob
What: Punk, Greece


Who: Cavity
What: Sludge metal, United States, Florida


Who: Floor
What: Stoner/Doom, United States, Florida


Who: Grime
What: Sludge metal, Italy


Who: Hawkwind
What: Space Rock, United Kingdom


Who: Isis
What: Post metal, United States, Los Angeles


Who: Kickback
What: Hardcore, France


Who: Knuckledust
What: Hardcore, London


Who: Martyrdöd
What:Crust punk, Sweden


Who: Mgla
What:Black metal, Poland


Who: Mock The Mankind
What: Instrumental post doom, Greece


Who: Plaga
What: Black metal, Poland


Who: Sadhus (The Smoking Community)
What: Sludge metal, Greece


Who: Seven Sisters Of Sleep
What: Sludge metal, United States, Los Angeles


Who: Τρύπες (english translation: “Holes”)
What:Biggest rock band in Greece


Who: Torche
What: Stoner/sludge metal, United States, Florida


Who: Ufomammut
What: Psychedelic sludge metal, Italy


Who: Vallendusk
What: Atmospheric black metal, Indonesia


Who: Woods Of Desolation
What: Atmospheric black metal, Australia


Who: Wolves In The Throne Room
What: Black metal, United States, Washington


Hope you enjoyed!
Kaze of Tzertzelos crew