Charm Designer – Everlasting

Good afternoon. Today’s post is our last one for this year. Charm Designer is a three piece band from Bogota, Colombia. The band was formed back in 2002. Their music combines atmospheric and doom metal. Their new, full length album, which is called ”Everlasting”, is going to be released on the 19th of February via Inverse Records. Nine tracks are included in this album. Heavy music is what you’ ll find here. Their sound is not new to me. Back in the day i used to love this stuff. Personally, to me this album sounds nostalgic but yet contemporate. Their music, filled with dark and cold melodies, creates some great soundscapes. And definitely this album’s production is top notch. Each song of this album tells a story of its own. Personally speaking, i can’t get enough of ”Never After”. Hands down this a great song and it is also my favorite from this album. ”Mentors” is really good as well. Nevertheless rest assure, these nine tracks form an album of great ambience. ”Everlasting” is definitely recommended for all fans of Paradise Lost, Sentenced, Type o Negative, Moonspell, Lacuna Coil. So if you’ re a fan of the bands mentioned above do yourself a favor and listen to this album. Ladies and Gentlemen this is my choice for today. Hope you’ ll enjoy it.


My Playlist for December

Today i wanted to give you a part of my current playlist. It is getting a bit colder here so here’s some good ol’ black metal for you:

I like all Ulver albums but in my opinion the black metal trilogy is the best Ulver era.

Darkthrone is the answer. There can be no black metal list without Darkthrone. It is as simple as that.

This is pure kvlt. Check this out.

Here, have some triggered drums. Of course i’m joking. This is one of my favorite songs with Maniac on vocals.

I want to thank my friends for introducing me to Mgla. Here’s one great song from them.

Here’s one underrated band. Check this out.

We definitely need some Dodheimsgard here.

And some In the Woods perhaps.

I think i’m going to put Ved Buens Ende here.

This is one of my favorite Isengard songs.

Last but not least, here’s some epicness for you, brought to you by Pest.

Wildspeaker -Survey The Wreckage

Today i want to present to you my latest discovery. Its name is Wildspeaker, a band formed back in 2013 in the United States. The band consists of five members. Back in August they released their full length lp called ”Survey the Wreckage”. Through this album the band delivers ten kick-ass tracks. As for their sound, i could start describing it as crust punk meets hardcore, meets doom metal, meets black metal, e.t.c. Nevertheless that would probably ruin the magic. Definitely their sound is an exciting blend and perhaps it would be quite safe to say that they have achieved to shape a distinct sound of their own. ”Survey the Wreckage” is an album you must listen to from the first to the last track. I mean, don’t pick songs in a random order. Give this album a listen and you’ ll see there is a continuity between the tracks. Personally i loved their cold, black metal riffs. Check out ”Reclamation” and you’ ll see what i’m saying here. Prepare yourself for some blastbeats. You’ ll find a lot of them here. Another thing that made an impression on me is Natalie’s vocals. She sings quite passionately and you also get the feeling that see means every word that comes out of her mouth. To sum up this is a great album. It’s really heavy as it is dark. I’m down with it, i loved it therefore i wish to recommend it to all of you. This is my choice for today. Hope you’ ll like it. Have you heard this album? What do you think about it ? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Sunno))) – Kannon

An undying wish. The deepest desire to reach reachless destinations. I’ ve travelled through sonic dementia and i’ ve seen places. Alone through a timeless desert i have wandered, lost in my coldest thoughts. Kannon stood in front of me with a faceless face and a black cloak. I could tell it was him, standing in the void. So enchanting and glorious in his might. He calls for me. It is time for me to join him. Though at first thought impossible now it has dawned on me. It is the right thing to do. There’s no exit from this eternal void. You must embrace Kannon.

Livid – Sint

Hey everybody, how’s it going? The underground is trully a remarkable place to be. I think i have unearthed a new gem. Its name is Livid. It is actually a three piece band from the United States. I’ve been listening to their album for quite some time now. ”Sint”, which was released back in July, is their debut release. Two songs can be found here, ”Sint, part1” and ”Sint, part2”. For me it’s one piece that’s been cut to two pieces. The thing is these two songs sound incredibly heavy. Find here massive basslines and huge riffs. Listening to this album feels like descending into some kind of an abyss. It feels great and rest asure if you’ re a doom metal fan you’ re going to enjoy it too. Ladies and gentlemen. this is my choice for today. Hope you’ ll like it.

Top 5 Amebix covers


In my eyes, Amebix have always been a highly influential band. They have influenced numerous bands. Of course i’m not talking only about punk or crust bands but also death metal, black metal, thrash metal, d-beat, grindcore bands. Many musicians out there proudly name them as one of their basic influences. Over the years we have seen many bands covering Amebix songs. Today’s post is about my five favorite Amebix covers. I would like to begin with my most favorite of all. So, here goes:

1. Sun of Nothing – Drink And Be Merry

In my opinion Sun of Nothing have done a great job here. I simply can’t get enough of this. Just listen to this and see for yourselves.

2. Extinction of Mankind – Sunshine Ward

I’ve recently found out about Extinction of Mankind and the more i’m listening to their stuff the more i’m liking it. I think they picked a great Amebix song and they delivered.

3. Benediction – Largactyl

I have to be honest. I’m not a big Benediction fan. I have to admit thiugh i really like this cover.

4. Megiddo – Last Will and Testament

I have to say, this is a trully sick version of ”Last Will and Testament”.

5. Hellstorm – Slave

This cover made by Hellstorm sounds really raw and heavy as fuck. Check it out.