Black Blood – Black Blood

It is widely known that Finland has a great metal scene. Beherit is one of my favorite finnish bands. And ”Oath of Black Blood” is my favorite Beherit album. But enough with Beherit. Black Blood have nothing to do with black metal. They’ re a four piece band from Helsinki who are about to release their debut, self titled album. Inverse Records sent me a promo of their album. I liked it a lot so i thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts of mine about it. Thirteen tracks are included in this album. Their music is ultra heavy and has a lot of groove. You’ ll definitely find great riffs here and cool vocals as well. Their vocalist reminded me a bit of L.G Petrov. And generally many of their songs reminded me of Entombed of the death n’ roll era. Nevertheless i think that these guys like the NOLA scene a lot. So prepare yourself for many dope songs like ”Stray Bullets” and ”Running with Scissors”. Personally i enjoyed this album and i wish i had a Karhu beer while listening to it. ”Black Blood” is my choice for today. Hope you’ ll like it. Check out these links:


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