With the Dead – With the Dead

One day, members of Cathedral and Electric Wizard decided to join forces to create something special. Thus they did. With the Dead came into existence. The band comprises of Lee Dorian, Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening. Their self titled, debut album came out, through Rise Above Records, on October. Six tracks are included in it. Now, these three guys have been in the game for many, many years. For example you all know who Lee Dorian is and what he has done over the years (Napalm Death, Cathedral, e.t.c). But let us get back to the album. Lately i was seeing posts about With the Dead pretty much everywhere. I said ”ok so there’s a new band here. Let’s see what the fuss is al about”. Therefore i decided to give this album a listen. I was expecting something really good but i was not at all prepared for something like this. Here what we have is heavy stuff of epic proportions. This album sounds insanely heavy. Listening to their great riffs and massive basslines was a great ride for me. Their drums sound so huge. And of course Dorian’s vocals sound awesome as always. For example in ”Living with the Dead” his voice sounds a bit haunting to me. It actually brought to mind Teeth of lions rule the divine.  Hands down ”Living with the Dead” is an exceptional track. It is my favorite track from this album with ”crown of burning stars” being my second best. These six tracks form a tremendous debut album. As it has already been mentioned the band has managed to put together something really special. This is my choice for today. Check out this album and witness how dope a band can be.


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