VVOVNDS -Descending Flesh

Well, we kept some of this year’s best albums for the end. Vvovnds is a four piece band from Belgium. Their music is…well, it’s not easy to describe. It is a fascinating blend of many different styles, i can tell you that for sure. On November 3rd they released their new album which is called ”Descending Flesh”. You’ ll find eleven tracks in this album. Listening to this album i quickly came to realize that these guys ain’t playin’ at all. Their music is loud, fast and a bit chaotic. Apart from chaotic some of their songs can become really addictive. Take ”Golgotha” for example. I just kept listening to this song, thinking at the same time how hard life can be. This is one hell of a song for sure. Their cold riffs will definitely give you the chills. Find here some great, massive basslines. Jenci’s vocals can also be described as pretty damn’ cold. His vocals gave me actually a black metal vibe. Production-wise also i think this album is above average. Well, it is so much above average that it doesn’t even see the average anymore. This album is angry as fuck and it will make you bang your head really hard. Expect the unexpected here, listen to this album and just experience awesomeness. Recommended sound level: The one that makes your neighbours angry. Check out these links:


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