Naive Sense – Art Failures

Hello, i’m back with another review. Lately i’ve been listening to this album called ”Art Failures” by Naive Sense. I was actually checking some bands on bandcamp where i came across this band. The band comes from the United States and today’s album is their newest release. Their new album is seriously good so i thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts of mine about it. Twelve tracks are included in ”Art Failures”. I could come up with many names in order to name this album. ”Art Failures” definitely wouldn’t be among them. Is this some sort of self-sarcasm? Perhaps. This may be of a bold statement, i don’t know, but this album is what art is about. This album is provocative and certainly it is really inspired. We’ ve said so many times that creativity is what matters and i think that once again this is the case here. First time i heard this album i was like ”o.k we have something here”. The second time it was like ”I need to get my shit together”. Their music sounds fresh as it sounds really heavy and raw. Get ready to find a lot of raw, punk energy here. I liked all their songs. Nevertheless if i should pick a favorite song that would have to be ”Wonderlust”. Hands down this is a great song. It has become part of my playlist and i think it will remain there for a long time. Long story short, get ready to be blown away by this album. I think it is one of this year’s best albums and it is recommended for all punks, metalheads and hardcore fans. Below you can find some links where you can also listen to ”Art Failures”. Feel free to comment. Have you heard this album? What do you think about it?


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