Ultha -Pain Cleanses Every Doubt

That’s cold. That’s too damn’ cold. That’s what i kept saying the first time i listened to this album. It’s been a while since we did a black metal post. Today i thought it would be a good idea to talk a bit about it. Ultha is a five piece, black metal band from Cologne, Germany. Back in July they released a new album called ”Pain Cleanses Every Doubt”. Four tracks are included in this album. Over the years we’ ve seen bands blending black metal with different genres like crust, hardcore, post, doom, sludge, e.t.c. Take Downfall of Gaia for example. In my opinion Ultha choose a different path. They keep it more straight-forward black metal. Here what we have is four cold, epic tracks that remind us why black metal became so lovable to us. Surely you’ ll find many norwegian influences here. Definitely though Ultha is not a typical black metal band with only norwegian influences. This band has developed its own identity. That’s my impression. Their vocals are quite impressive. It’s been a while since i’ve heard such great vocals. I mean they gave me the chills. So cold and yet so majestic! Their songs are filled with great riffs. These are songs of great ambience for sure. I liked all of them. Nevertheless i’ve single out one of them. I’m refering to ”Death created Time to grow the things it kills”. What a title for a song! Hands down this is a great song. Probably one of the best i’ve heard in months. Ladies and gentlemen, i’m pretty stoked about this band. Definitely recommended for black metal fans. Here are some links where you can also listen to  ”Pain Cleanses Every Doubt”:


Black Blood – Black Blood

It is widely known that Finland has a great metal scene. Beherit is one of my favorite finnish bands. And ”Oath of Black Blood” is my favorite Beherit album. But enough with Beherit. Black Blood have nothing to do with black metal. They’ re a four piece band from Helsinki who are about to release their debut, self titled album. Inverse Records sent me a promo of their album. I liked it a lot so i thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts of mine about it. Thirteen tracks are included in this album. Their music is ultra heavy and has a lot of groove. You’ ll definitely find great riffs here and cool vocals as well. Their vocalist reminded me a bit of L.G Petrov. And generally many of their songs reminded me of Entombed of the death n’ roll era. Nevertheless i think that these guys like the NOLA scene a lot. So prepare yourself for many dope songs like ”Stray Bullets” and ”Running with Scissors”. Personally i enjoyed this album and i wish i had a Karhu beer while listening to it. ”Black Blood” is my choice for today. Hope you’ ll like it. Check out these links:

Internal War – Ruling Our Lives

Internal War is a four piece, hardcore band from the United Kingdom. The band was formed back in 2013. Yesterday they released their new album ep called ”Ruling Our Lives”. This Ukhc band delivers six new tracks. This is good ol’ hardcore and it is always welcome. This is music you know it will not turn you down. The impression i got is that these guys are not trying to redefine hardcore. Nevertheless as a listener i wanted to bang my head really hard to most of their songs. All songs are dope with ”Never Give In” being my favorite one. Really nice song with a lot of nyhc influences. This ep is definitely recommended for all fans of Warzone, One Life Crew, Srtrife, Sick of it All, e.t.c. So if you’ re a fan of the bands listed above then do yourself a favour and listen to ”Ruling our Lives”. Check out these links:

With the Dead – With the Dead

One day, members of Cathedral and Electric Wizard decided to join forces to create something special. Thus they did. With the Dead came into existence. The band comprises of Lee Dorian, Tim Bagshaw and Mark Greening. Their self titled, debut album came out, through Rise Above Records, on October. Six tracks are included in it. Now, these three guys have been in the game for many, many years. For example you all know who Lee Dorian is and what he has done over the years (Napalm Death, Cathedral, e.t.c). But let us get back to the album. Lately i was seeing posts about With the Dead pretty much everywhere. I said ”ok so there’s a new band here. Let’s see what the fuss is al about”. Therefore i decided to give this album a listen. I was expecting something really good but i was not at all prepared for something like this. Here what we have is heavy stuff of epic proportions. This album sounds insanely heavy. Listening to their great riffs and massive basslines was a great ride for me. Their drums sound so huge. And of course Dorian’s vocals sound awesome as always. For example in ”Living with the Dead” his voice sounds a bit haunting to me. It actually brought to mind Teeth of lions rule the divine.  Hands down ”Living with the Dead” is an exceptional track. It is my favorite track from this album with ”crown of burning stars” being my second best. These six tracks form a tremendous debut album. As it has already been mentioned the band has managed to put together something really special. This is my choice for today. Check out this album and witness how dope a band can be.

VVOVNDS -Descending Flesh

Well, we kept some of this year’s best albums for the end. Vvovnds is a four piece band from Belgium. Their music is…well, it’s not easy to describe. It is a fascinating blend of many different styles, i can tell you that for sure. On November 3rd they released their new album which is called ”Descending Flesh”. You’ ll find eleven tracks in this album. Listening to this album i quickly came to realize that these guys ain’t playin’ at all. Their music is loud, fast and a bit chaotic. Apart from chaotic some of their songs can become really addictive. Take ”Golgotha” for example. I just kept listening to this song, thinking at the same time how hard life can be. This is one hell of a song for sure. Their cold riffs will definitely give you the chills. Find here some great, massive basslines. Jenci’s vocals can also be described as pretty damn’ cold. His vocals gave me actually a black metal vibe. Production-wise also i think this album is above average. Well, it is so much above average that it doesn’t even see the average anymore. This album is angry as fuck and it will make you bang your head really hard. Expect the unexpected here, listen to this album and just experience awesomeness. Recommended sound level: The one that makes your neighbours angry. Check out these links:

Goat, Kooba Tercu @ Gagarin 205 – 17/10/2015

Oh right! I did go to this really cool gig but it’s been like a month now… Anyway Ι must put down some words since there are a couple of dudes here and abroad who might be just a little pissed with this incompetence of mine.
Not much promo for the show just a few posters and fewer on the net but the venue was crowded as in the past.

Gig opened with Kooba Tercu from Athens. Heard them but never seen them until then and although at first thought the fit was inappropriate they gave a warm welcome and made all heads bang. 2 percussionists, guitar, bass and a crazy frontman with a synth-deck spreaded their noisy groove for around 45 mins.The grunge/funk/alternative blend they presented was a pleasant surprise. Labeling them has no real point and mentioning bands and influences would definitely spoil the the trick. People that are still not aware of this band might as well now spend a month (or more) with their trucks on repeat.

It’s nice when you have the chance to watch a band live on their heyday. Goat’s second album “Commune” lived up to and surpassed maybe (time will tell) the shock that “World Music” was. So after a short entrance the masked company was set in their costumes holding their tools and ready for the ritual to start. The priestesses started yelling and chanting and the pagan ceremony had begun! “Talk to god”, “Gathering of ancient tribes”, “Goatman”, ” Run to your mama”, “Hide from the sun” were some of the psychedelic gospels that rocked Gagarin that night. People cheering and dancing to the tribal rhythms was the result. Show ended with their long medley of “Det som aldrig förändras” and the melody of  Harvester’s “Kristalen de fina” quenching the fire, as a perfect homage to their progg forefathers. Pleased and enchanted, loyal to the cult until the next time then…

Kooba Tercu S/T Review
Kooba Tercu Bandcamp

Naive Sense – Art Failures

Hello, i’m back with another review. Lately i’ve been listening to this album called ”Art Failures” by Naive Sense. I was actually checking some bands on bandcamp where i came across this band. The band comes from the United States and today’s album is their newest release. Their new album is seriously good so i thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts of mine about it. Twelve tracks are included in ”Art Failures”. I could come up with many names in order to name this album. ”Art Failures” definitely wouldn’t be among them. Is this some sort of self-sarcasm? Perhaps. This may be of a bold statement, i don’t know, but this album is what art is about. This album is provocative and certainly it is really inspired. We’ ve said so many times that creativity is what matters and i think that once again this is the case here. First time i heard this album i was like ”o.k we have something here”. The second time it was like ”I need to get my shit together”. Their music sounds fresh as it sounds really heavy and raw. Get ready to find a lot of raw, punk energy here. I liked all their songs. Nevertheless if i should pick a favorite song that would have to be ”Wonderlust”. Hands down this is a great song. It has become part of my playlist and i think it will remain there for a long time. Long story short, get ready to be blown away by this album. I think it is one of this year’s best albums and it is recommended for all punks, metalheads and hardcore fans. Below you can find some links where you can also listen to ”Art Failures”. Feel free to comment. Have you heard this album? What do you think about it?