Goat, Kooba Tercu @ Gagarin 205 – 17/10/2015

Oh right! I did go to this really cool gig but it’s been like a month now… Anyway Ι must put down some words since there are a couple of dudes here and abroad who might be just a little pissed with this incompetence of mine.
Not much promo for the show just a few posters and fewer on the net but the venue was crowded as in the past.

Gig opened with Kooba Tercu from Athens. Heard them but never seen them until then and although at first thought the fit was inappropriate they gave a warm welcome and made all heads bang. 2 percussionists, guitar, bass and a crazy frontman with a synth-deck spreaded their noisy groove for around 45 mins.The grunge/funk/alternative blend they presented was a pleasant surprise. Labeling them has no real point and mentioning bands and influences would definitely spoil the the trick. People that are still not aware of this band might as well now spend a month (or more) with their trucks on repeat.

It’s nice when you have the chance to watch a band live on their heyday. Goat’s second album “Commune” lived up to and surpassed maybe (time will tell) the shock that “World Music” was. So after a short entrance the masked company was set in their costumes holding their tools and ready for the ritual to start. The priestesses started yelling and chanting and the pagan ceremony had begun! “Talk to god”, “Gathering of ancient tribes”, “Goatman”, ” Run to your mama”, “Hide from the sun” were some of the psychedelic gospels that rocked Gagarin that night. People cheering and dancing to the tribal rhythms was the result. Show ended with their long medley of “Det som aldrig förändras” and the melody of  Harvester’s “Kristalen de fina” quenching the fire, as a perfect homage to their progg forefathers. Pleased and enchanted, loyal to the cult until the next time then…

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