Mgła – Exercises in futility

Hello, we’ re back with a new review. Today we review a black metal album. Mgła is a two piece band from Poland. According to Wikipedia their name means Fog. The band was formed back in 2000 in Krakow. My friend Kaze told me that i should definitely check them out and the truth is he was once again right. ”Exercises in Futility” Lp is the band’s new full length release. It was released on the 4th of September. Six tracks are included in this album, from Exercises in Futility I to Exercises in Futility VI. It didn’t take too long for me to like these tracks. I mean from the beginning, this album gave me this cold feeling. In other words this is black metal as it is supposed to be. Heavily influenced by the norwegian scene, yet retaining a sound of their own, Mgla delivers an album that can only be described as inspired, fresh, definitely heavy and dark. It also gave me a certain sense of epicness. Check out ”Exercises in Futility II” and you’ ll see what i’m saying. Long story short, i really liked this album. And if you’ re a black metal fan you should seriously check out this album. Links:


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