Spacebeast – Spacebeast

And then a Spacebeast came along and brought with him his intergalactic riffs. Hello, it is Saturday today and we continue on with our reviews with this really cool album i’ve found out. My aim has always been and will always be to give you the best releases right now. And once again i think i’ve hit spot. Spacebeast is a three piece, doom metal, instrumental band from the United States. On the 24th of September they released this self titled album. Five tracks are included in today’s album. It starts with ”Spaceface”. This song has a great intro and of course it is always great to listen to these sabbath riffs. ”Spaceface” is a massive song that will put a huge smile on your face. ”Sad Tummy” is another great one. Kind of a trippy song in my opinion. ”The Cruiser” is the album’s third song and to be honest i can’t get enough of it! Great song no doubt. And then comes ”Starmaster”. This is more of a heavy space rock tune for me. It gave me a psychedelic kind of a vibe. ”Walrus Island” is the album’s fifth and last song. In my opinion they left the best song for the end. Hands down this is a really nice song and personally it is my favorite from ”Spacebeast”. Overall i would have to say that i quite enjoyed this one. What we have here is heavy space, metal rock at its best. Give it a listen and find out for yourselves. Check out these links:


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