Desolate Pathway – Valley of the King

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What happened to epic doom metal? Well, it is still here, alive and kicking. Today’s post is a bit nostalgic. I mean, back in the 90’s i used to like this stuff a lot. In a sense i still do. Nevertheless let’s get back to character. Desolate Pathway is a three piece band from London, England. The band was formed back in 2014. ”Valley of the King” ,which was released a year ago, is their debut, full length release. Eight songs are included in this album. This album brought me back to pre-internet days. It was a time where i was totally into bands like Candlemass, Trouble and Manilla Road. Apart from the album’s epic (almost heroic one could say) atmosphere, what made a huge impression on me is their vocals. It is pretty obvious that their singer can sing. I mean this guy has some serious vocal skills. ”Valley of the King” is a concept album. It tells a tale of valor and might. These guys have achieved, both musically and lyrically, to create an album where you could wish you would be able to follow prince Palidor throughout the whole story and finally see what will happen. Personally i enjoyed this album. Here are some links where you can also listen to the ”Valley of the King”:


Deathkings – Destroyer

Hello, it’s been a while since our last review. I’m back again with some super heavy stuff for you. Deathkings is a four piece band from Los Angeles, California, U.S. The band was formed was formed back in 2011. Their music is an exciting blend of (mostly) doom metal, some post metal and sludge. Back in 2014 they released this four track album called ”Destroyer”. This album made quite an impression on me so i decided to share some thoughts about it. As it has already been mentioned four tracks are included in this album. First of all i would like to say that i really liked its front cover art. I think it’s great. A really nice synthesis nonetheless with the lady infront and the Ouroboros behind her. Simple and yet symmetric. But let’s get back to the album. It starts with ”Hal of the Sun”. Hands down this is a great song. I would like to call it a fifteen minute epic, massive track. It’s insanely heavy and i think you’ll love it. Second track is called ”Martyrs Vol.1”. To be honest i mostly focused on ”Halo of the Sun” but the truth is the more i listen to this song the more i like it. You can find here some really nice vocals. Their vocals are pretty cool, harsh ones and clean ones. ”Martyrs Vol.2” is a continuation of the previous song. I think it’s a classic doom metal song. Find here great riffs and of course a nice atmospheric song. Last song is called ”Destroyer” and it is a beast of a song. Definitely a great way to end this album. Long story short, i quite enjoyed this album therefore it is highly recommended. I think that Doom metal fans are going to appreciate ”Destroyer”. Check out also their bandcamp page for more of their releases. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my choice for today. Hope you’ ll enjoy it. Check out these links:

Today’s combo post

O.k, so what i want to do today is share with you six albums that made an impression on me. Albums go in no significant order and they cover various genres. So here goes:

1. Obliterations – Destroy Everything


Obliterations is a four piece hardcore punk band from the United States. One year ago they released ”Poison Everything” Lp through Southern Lord Records. The band delivers thirteen motorhead charged, uncompromising, massive punk tracks. This is music that is meant to be played loud and i think that punk fans are going to enjoy this one.

 2. Herida Profunda – Herida Profunda


Herida Profunda is a crust hardcore/punk band from Poland. Back in 2013 they released their self titled Lp. It didn’t take long for me to like this album. I was literally blown away by this combination of raw crust punk and death metal. I mean, while listening to this album i was constantly like ”Yes sir, this works for me”. All songs are sang in polish but you must not worry because they have translated their lyrics into english. This album is aggressive and heavy as fuck and i think you’ re gonna love it. Links:

3.H2O – Use Your Voice


H2O need no introduction. The band has been in the game too many years. And in my opinion they have always been one of the best hardcore bands out there. About a week ago they released their new album called ”Use Your Voice”. Here you’ ll find eleven tracks of good ol’ hardcore. I’m definitely rocking this one therefore i wish to recommend it. Check out these links:

4. Yautja – Songs of Lament


I think it was a year before or something like that. I was checking out some bands on bandcamp and i suddently came across Yautja. I then saw their previous album ”Songs of Descent” and i decided to give it a listen. It proved to be a good decision. I lved that albu and i was eager enough to hear more stuff from them. Well, the awaiting is over. ”Songs of Lament” is the band’s new album. And what do i think about it? Well, i think it’s great. They have not lowered their standards at all. They have once again delivered and here in Tzertzelos we’ re very happy about it. Check out these links and find for yourself:

5. I Disappear – Omen e.p


I’ve recently found out about this band. They’ re called I Disappear and they come from the States. Yesterday they released this seven track ep called ”Omen”. Their music could be described as metallic hardcore. It is heavy for sure as it is inspired. This ep is the shit and especially you hardcore fans need to give this a listen. Links:

6. Morphinist – Geopfert


Morphinist is an atmospheric black metal band from Germany. They’ ve been in the game since 2013. Back in September they released this four track album called ”Geopfert”. My german is a bit weak but i think it means ”sacrificed”. These four songs are quite good actually. You may trace many norwegian influences here. I have to say that my favorite track hear is ”Die erste Metamorphose” (the first metamorphosis). I really liked this one. Links:

Loma Prieta – Self Portrait

Lately, i’ ve been listening to Loma Prieta’s new album. To those of you who don’t know let me just state that Loma Prieta is a four piece math, chaotic, post, hardcore punk band from the United States. I realize that my description of their sound sucks but i think you can see my point of view here. Well, as it has already been mentioned ”Self Portrait” is the band’s newest release. It was released on the 2nd of October. Ten tracks are included in this album. I’ve heard stuff from this band before so i was quite eager to listen to their new album. I think this album was definitely worthy of waiting for. The band delivered ten songs full of raw punk energy. In my opinion ”Self Portrait” is a melodic album but yet it gives you this raw feeling that old school hardcore punk bands used to give you. And what’s so cool about it is that they have blended this sound with exquisite melodies and of course insanely heavy mathcore. It is not easy to get bored with this album. Listening to ”Sef Portrait” was quite an adventure for me. I was constantly curious how the songs were going to unfold, or how the next song was going to be like. Their riffs are quite great in my opinion. It needs also to be mentioned that their vocals are awesome too. I believe that ”Self Portrait” is an album that is going to be appreciated by punk fans, hardcore and metal fans. I think that this record, and generally their albums, incorporates elements likeable by fans who like different styles. That is my opinion. I also think that ”Self Portrait” is one of this year’s best albums. Therefore it is highly recommended. Check out these links:

Vision Lunar – Luna Subortus

Well, today i thought it would be a good idea for another black metal post. Vision Lunar is a one man, instrumental, black metal band from Canada. The band was formed back in 2006 in Montreal. I’ve heard of some canadian black metal bands in the past but then for some reason i lost track of them. Nevertheless it seems that things are happening there. But let us get back to today’s ep. Alexandre, who is also the man behind Vision Lunar, sent us a message requesting a review. Therefore i decided to listen to ”Luna Suortus”. This is the band’s newest release. It was actually released on the 28th of September. Three tracks are included in ”Luna Subortus”. It starts with ”Desperation”. This is a nice track for sure. I don’t want to name it post or something like that. I don’t like how everyone is obsessed nowadays practically naming eveything as post. Well, atmospheric or post, it doesn’t really matter. Personally i like it. I’m rocking this stuff. ”Spiritus Luna” is the album’s next song. I have to say that this is my favorite one. It definitely took me by surprise. I was not expecting this ‘epic’ intro and this kind of riffage. I like how the song escalates and then comes this great, liberating i would say, outro. ”In Hues of Blood Orange” is the album’s third and last track. This is not exactly black metal but then again it is. It gave me a Kveldssanger vibe. I’m not comparing it to Ulver’s Kveldssanger. I’m just saying that without sounding entirely black metal it definitely gave me that cold feeling. To sum up i quite enjoyed listening to this ep but personally i would like to listen to more tracks. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Luna Subortus”:

Preview – Color clustering


Hello people,

well, i just wanted to share with you my latest findings regarding color distribution over an image in Python, where i was able to find the most popular colors in an image, then cluster relevant colors and color their associated pixels with another color, all at once (with magenta). Then i used Imagemagick in Ubuntu Linux, in order to combine all the images (that generated per popular image color) in the gif that i am presenting.

I will let you know about the techniques that i used in a later post.

Ah, of course the cover belongs to Baroness’ Blue Record, which you should check here asap
Baroness – Blue Record

Mgła – Exercises in futility

Hello, we’ re back with a new review. Today we review a black metal album. Mgła is a two piece band from Poland. According to Wikipedia their name means Fog. The band was formed back in 2000 in Krakow. My friend Kaze told me that i should definitely check them out and the truth is he was once again right. ”Exercises in Futility” Lp is the band’s new full length release. It was released on the 4th of September. Six tracks are included in this album, from Exercises in Futility I to Exercises in Futility VI. It didn’t take too long for me to like these tracks. I mean from the beginning, this album gave me this cold feeling. In other words this is black metal as it is supposed to be. Heavily influenced by the norwegian scene, yet retaining a sound of their own, Mgla delivers an album that can only be described as inspired, fresh, definitely heavy and dark. It also gave me a certain sense of epicness. Check out ”Exercises in Futility II” and you’ ll see what i’m saying. Long story short, i really liked this album. And if you’ re a black metal fan you should seriously check out this album. Links: