Halshug – Blodets Bånd

Today we have some great stuff for you, this time from Denmark. Halshug is a three piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Their music is a more than exciting blend of hardcore punk, crust and d-beat. It’s no big secret that here in Tzertzelos we love this shit. So the thing is, the band released back in February, through Southern Lord, this album called ”Blodets Bånd”. Please do forgive me but my danish is kinda rusty. Eight tracks are included in this album. These eight tracks form an album that could be described as a cataclysmic apocalypse. I mean listening to ”Blodets Bånd” that is how i felt. Nowadays i rarely have the pleasure of getting so enthusiased. From the first second what i felt was gigantic waves of raw punk energy coming out of my headphones. This is hardcore punk as it is supposed to be. It is combined with some great d-beat and crust as it has already been mentioned before. You’ll definitely find some influences like Doom and Anti-Cimex here but i think that the band has taken this to a whole different level. I mean i t may sound old school, but yet it sounds totally fresh and inspired of course. This album gave me even a rock n’ roll vibe if you will. Their vocals are great and they sound as i would like them to be. Of course the production is perfect. I mean this album sounds great. Perhaps more than great. I’m a bit lost for words here. Long story short, this is a great album and i don’t have to say anything negative about it whatsoever. It is perhaps one of the best albums i’ve listened to in months and i urge all of you to check it out. Here are some links where you can listen to ”Blodets Bånd”:


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