Death On/Off – Reality is Obscene

It is Sunday, the weather today is a bit cloudy here in Athens and my coffee is finally ready. Time for a review. Hello, today we review a grindcore album. Death On/Off is a five piece, grindcore band from Ferrara, Italy. Basically what i want to do is to say some words about an album of theirs. This album is called ”Reality is Obscene” and it was released back in 2013. Eleven tracks are included in it. Perhaps it would be unfair and not just to call their music just grindcore. And that’s because they have incorporated other elements in their music. Stuff like death/trash metal for example. For example i’m always down with tracks like ”Indie-gested”. I rocked all their tracks and i also liked their vocals. One could say that it’s about your average death metal/ gore growling. I don’t know. One thing i know is that i liked it. Apart from other albums the band has released a really nice split 12” with Mannaia. Head to their bandcamp page and check it out. Here are some links about the band where you can also listen to ”Reality is Obscene”:


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