Tides of Sulfur & The Air turned to Acid – The Last Words Of A Dying Planet

Lately i’ve been listening to this split album featuring Tides of Sulfur and The Air turned to Acid. Never before had i heard of these two bands. Nevertheless Chris from Tides of Sulfur was kind enough to send me a link. Tides of Sulfur is a three piece, sludge metal band. The Air turned to Acid also play sludge and they too come from the U.K. Each band contributes with two songs to this album. There is also a track called ”Disinherited” which is a collaboration between the two bands. First two tracks belong to Tides of Sulfur. ”Lord of Flies” is without any doubt a great, massive track. You quickly get to realize that these guys are pretty god damn’ serious about it. And then  comes ”Crawling through a Pit of Ash and Bone”. This is one hell of a song. It’s definitely my favorite from this split. To be perfectly honest it is the song i focused the most. I mean it’s a massive, epic song man. Check out the part at 05:01. Even some Celtic Frost d-beat can be found here! ”Disinherited” is a nice ambient/ noise track. It’s kind of a bridge track which leads to the The Air turned to Acid part. First track is called ”Sisyphus” and i could feel the desperation of a man trying to get that huge rock on top of that mountain. Nice track. ”Glandroid” is the album’s last song. It’s music i can definitely relate to. This is a dope song no doubt. And i’m pretty sure that live it must sound even better. Overall this is a dope split album ladies and gentlemen. Doom/ Sludge fans should definitely check out this album. Here are your links:


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