Gattaca – Gattaca

Today’s post goes out to all crust fans out there. Hello, today we review a crust album. Gattaca is a four piece band from Czech Republic. On the 24th of July they released their self titled Lp. Six tracks are included in this album. Their music couuld be described as neocrust or melodic crust. I’ve always been fascinated by bands who sing in their native tongue. Fear not though because you’ ll find their lyrics translated into english. One can definitely find great riffs here. For example check out ”Neco za neco” and you’ ll see what i’m saying. Still i have to say that my favorite track from ”Gattaca” Lp is ”Zase vytahuji opratky”. This is an extremely heavy track, a bit melodic and filled with a lot of blastbeats. I could generally describe their tracks as ”dark as hell”. I liked all of them and i urge all of you to devote some time and listen to this album from top to bottom. Definitely recommended for fans of Fall of Efrafa, Cwill, Finisterre, Ura, Anopheli, Sarabante. So if you’ re a fan of the bands listed above do yourself a favor and listen to Gattaca. Check out these links:


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