Seventh Circle – Not Worth Saving

Hello everyone. We’ re back today with a new review. We’ ve got some heavy stuff for you. This time from Belgium. Seventh Circle is a five piece metallic hardcore band. Actually we have talked again about this band. Back in 2014 they released their self titled ep. That ep was so good that i had to include it in my list for my favorite albums for 2014. Check out this link and you’ ll see what i’m saying: (
Back in January they released their second ep called ”Not Worth Saving”. And i must say my opinion about this band has not changed a bit. Their music remains insanely heavy. Four songs are included in this ep. It starts with an awesome song called ”Serpent’s Tongue”. I think this one is my favorite from this ep. But then again ”Better off alone” is one hell of a song. Listen to all of them and find your favorite. Find in this album also great beatdown parts as well as a ton of blastbeats. In my opinion you are also going to love those black metal riffs of theirs as well as their massive basslines.
I kept the best part for the end. The band is recording a full length album. Hopefully, soon enough we’ ll have the pleasure of listening to their debut album. But for now check out their two ep’s.


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