Possessed – Seven Churches

My small tribute to death metal ends with Possessed and their debut album called ”Seven Churches”. I could not conclude this without the legendary Possessed. ”Seven Churches” is of course an emblematic album. If you like extreme metal then you must immediately listen to this album, if course you haven’t done so already. Because then you can see the strains that created so many thrash, death and black metal bands.

Today’s masterpiece was released about thirty years ago. Ten tracks are included in this album. ”Seven Churches” is considered to be the first death metal album. I don’t have any reason to disagree with that. I mean, i’m down with that. But i’ve always wondered, did they intent to play death metal? Back in the eighties did they consider themselves as a death metal band? ”Under the Sign of the Black Mark” by Bathory is considered to be a black metal album but the thing is that Quorthon never claimed to be a black metal artist. Nor Did Celtic Frost or Venom. Perhaps one could describe it as thrash metal but then again it is pretty clear that ”Seven Churches” is much more brutal than thrash metal. But as we have said so many times genres come and go. Originality is what matters. And this is definitely the case here. Here what we have is ten great tracks. Ten brutal tracks lyrically and musically. Jeff Becerra’s voice sounds of course great and hellish as fuck. Find in this album some trully incredible riffs and also excellent production. Listen to this album from top to bottom and let yourself travel to some magnificent soundscapes.

In my opinion ”Seven Churches” is a masterpiece. And still, even thirty years after, it sounds great. The problem is that it was so good that the band never managed to make a better album than that. Check out this link: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdXBJL6rMxY).


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