Therion – Of Darkness

I realize that Therion may be a strange selection but the thing is i used to be really into their music for a significant period of time. In my opinion their first four albums are great albums. Nevertheless, to be perfectly honest when i listened to ”Theli” Lp i started to loose interest in them. I didn’t really like their new symphonic style. Another reason could be the fact that i discovered Darkthrone. I’m not sure. Anyways, today we continue this death metal week with Therion’s debut album.

”Of Darkness…” Lp was released about 24 years ago. Originally eight tracks were included in the album. The first Therion album that i ever heard was ”Ho Dragon Ho Megas” Lp. Later on a friend of mine gave me ”Of Darkness” to listen to. It was a period of time when napster was at its early stages. I remember that it had made a big impression on me. It sounded totally different than”Lepaca Kliffoth” and ”Ho Dragon Ho Megas”. The album sounded totally raw and, in a sense, a bit prinitive. At some points you can easily trace some Celtic Frost influences like those ”Ugh!” that Tom G. Warrior used to make. It could also be described as a progressive death metal album. I don’t know. To me that’s not of big importance here. The important thing is that the band combined ideally its influences and managed to put together a really good album. It is probably not their best album but it is certainly much better than their later symphonic ”lalala” albums. At least that’s my opinion. What do you think?

Death Metal was and it still huge to me. Death Metal albums that came out in the early 90’s are great albums. In my opinion ”Of Darkness…” is one of those albums. Check it out here: (


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