Napalm Death – Harmony Corruption

Death metal week continues with Napalm Death. Maybe, o.k, that’s not the first name that comes to mind when you talk about death metal. This band has been called grindcore pioneers or one of the first grindcore bands. The band was formed in England back in 1981. Their first two albums, ”Scum” & ”From Enslavement to Obliteration”, were their two only albums with Lee Dorian on vocals.

”Harmony Corruption” Lp was released back in 1990. To me it’s quite clear that ”Harmony Corruption” is a lot different than the two previous albums. First of all this is the first Napalm Death album with Mark ”Barney” Greeenway on vocals. Also, the band incorporated too many death metal elements in their music in a way that their music could be described now as deathgrind. Ten tracks were originally included in this album. To be honest ”If the Truth be known” was the first song i heard from Napalm Death. I was amazed by how awesome it sounded. Therefore i decided to buy ”Harmony Corruption”. It was a decision i never regreted. This is my favorite Napalm Death record. What made a huge impression to me, from the beginning, was Barney’s vocals. Never before in my life had i heard a  vocalist singing like that. I still remember checking out the album’s tracklist. You could easily realise that you were about to come across some interesting lyrics. I mean it wasn’t your typical death metal lyrics, like for example ”chained and decapitated” or something like that. Apart from that one can not miss to notice that this album sounds insanely heavy and massive. In my opinion it still sounds fresh even though it was released 25 years ago. You can definitely find excellent riffs here as well as many of our beloved blastbeats.

What i’m trying to say is that ”Harmony Corruption” is a great album. It made a great impact and it is considered to be highly influential. Death metal fans who still haven’t checked out this album should immediately do it. Here’s a youtube link where you can listen to the whole album: (


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