Gets Worse – Yellow Belly

Hello. We’ re back today with another review. Actually i want to talk about this album that made an impression on me and then we’ re going to make a ten day pause. Today’s album is really fast and really heavy. It was released by a band i had never heard before in my life. The band’s name is Gets Worse. It is a three piece band from Leeds, U.K. Their music is an exciting blend of grindcore, powerviolece and hardcore punk. ”Yellow Belly”, which is the name of the album, was released on the 20th of May. Seven tracks are included in this album. I’ ve been longing for an album like ”Yellow Belly”. The last time i listened to powerviolence was some years ago. I think it was a band from Skopje called Od Vratot Nadolu (check them out, they’ re seriously good). But the thing is Gets Worse have incorporated more elements in their music like hardcore and punk and perhaps some mathcore. You should definitely turn up the volume before you press play. This is music i can easily relate to. Personally, i loved their riffs and their blastbeats. No favorite songs here. Just listen to this album from top to bottom. Specially recomended for fans of Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Cult Leader e.t.c. Check out these links:


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