Jesus Piece – S/T ep

Today’s post is going to be about hardcore. Let me tell you about this great ep that i’ve found. The band is called Jesus Piece and this self titled ep is their newest release. It was released on the 4th of August. The band delivers five tracks of raw, uncompromising hardcore. The first thing that made an impression on me is the band’s vocals. Their vocalist sings in a quite passionate manner and he seems to mean every word that comes out of his mouth. Apart from vocals, you’ ll find out that the band’s music is a great blend of hardcore and death metal. In my opinion they balance ideally between these two styles. Find in this ep great sharp riffs and massive basslines. And of course you’ ll find here great beatdown as well as blastbeat parts. Don’t ask me for a favorite song. Think of this album as an entity divided into five pieces and just listen to it really loud. Mosh? Yes Sir, easily. Needless to say, it’s highly recommended for hardcore fans. Here are your links:


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