Hysterese – Hysterese

Back today with yet another review. Hello. Today we review a punk album. Hysterese is a four piece, punk rock band from Tübingen, Germany.  Back in 2014 they released their self titled, full length, debut lp. You can actually find ten songs in this album. To be perfectly honest i was searching for some other band called Hysteria or something like that. But i mistyped on the search engine and Hysterese came out. Neverhteless that didn’t prove to be a problem at all. Listening to Hysterese’s debut album these wordz came to mind: Raw fuckin’ punk energy. It’s been a while since i heard something like that. Today’s album sounds fresh as it sounds heavy. Somehow i thought it might sound outdated. But it doesn’t. It gave me a lot of old school vibes though. And one other thing that you can easily see is that these guys are strongly influenced by the U.S punk scene.  This album won’t exactly change the way you perceive music but it is absolutely certain that here we’ re dealing with ten explosive tracks that will definitely make your day. Haben sie keinen Angst vor diesem Album. Here are some links where you can also listen to Hysterese:


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