Leucrota – Demo ’15


Today we have some heavy stuff for you. I first saw this band on Cvlt Nation. Leucrota is a four piece band from the United States. Their music combines different styles like black metal, d-beat, crust and hardcore. Back in February they released this kick-ass demo. Five tracks are included in this demo. To be honest the first thing that caught my attention was its front cover art. I still haven’t figured out what it depicts but i think that it looks awesome. The first impression i got from the band’s music is that it sounds ”diversified” if you will. I mean, trust me, there’s a lot of stuff to discover in this demo. Find here great vocals, both crust punk and black metal ones. If you like blastbeats i think you will be totally satisfied here. I also believe that sludge/ doom metal fans are gonna love ”concealed from the sun” which is the second track of this demo album. In my opinion this is a beast of a song and certainly my favorite one from Leucrota. ”Swell” is a great one as well. Cool song no doubt. ”Systematic Violence” is a killer one. We’ re talking about d-beat at its best. ”Rotten Tongue” is insanely heavy. This song has also a great intro and great riffs as well. In general, this is an excellent demo. And certainly the band has raised the bar on themselves. I’m definitely looking forward for a full length album. Until then, check out these links:


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