Cemeteries – Barrow

Check this out. This album really sets a mood. I’m talking of course about ”Barrow”. It was released on the 27th of July by Cemeteries. Cemeteries is actually a one man band. Kyle Reigle is the man behind the music. His music is really esoteric, deep and dark one could say. Nine songs are included in ”Barrows”. These tracks form an album of great ambience. Listening to this album it feels like you’ re inside an abstract dream or something like that. I think you can feel that if you listen specifically to ”Can you hear them sing?” and ”I will run from you”. To be honest i like to perceive each track like an eerie fairie tale. ”Empty Camps” could be one good example. Especially if you’ re a Kraftwerk fan or if you like 70’s – 80’s pop you’ re going to love this song. But wait till you reach ”Sodus”. This is definitely one top class song. It kinda reminded me of XX. Surely ”Barrow” is really atmospheric and its eerie tunes will make your mind wanna travel. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Barrow”:


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