Weak Nerves – Post everything

Check out this band i’ ve found out. Weak Nerves is a three piece band from London, U.K. Their music is a nice blend of garage punk, heavy rock and grunge. ”Post Everything” which was released today is their newest ep. Five songs are included in this ep. For some reason that i can not fully justify this album gave me some sort of a nostalgic vibe. Actually, right now i’m chillin’ in my living room and i’ m just listening to this album.  And it feels really good. I like how heavy it sounds and i also dig its nice, melodic parts. I must say, i liked all songs. If i should pick a favorite song then that would have to be ”selling daisies”. I’m actually not really sure about that. I mean ”Windowgazer” is also a really nice track. Just be sure to listen to this ep from the first till the last second. In my opinion ”Post Everything” is an ep that is going to appreciated by people who like different music genres. I’m talking about punks, hardcore fans, metalheads. Personally this ep made my day. Therefore this is the album of today for me. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Post Everything”:


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