Blind Authority – Succumb to Violence

Good afternoon everyone. There’s been some time since our last review. I was a bit busy with work and then i went on a short trip to the Netherlands. The thing is there’s always time for some good music. Lately i’ ve been listening to this album called ”Succumb to Violence”. Blind Auhority is the band’s name and hardcore is their game. ”Succumb to Violence” is the band’s debut album. Ten songs are included in it. The band delivers some good ol’, uncompromising hardcore. In my opinion their music is a nice blend of two styles. I’m talking of course about old school and metallic hardcore, with old school being the predominant factor hear perhaps. Apart from that this album really sets a mood. The way i see it, it transmits so much energy. Here prepare yourself for another cliche. It needs to be played really loud. Just press play and see for yourselves. Hardcore fans believe me when i say this but you are going to love this one. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Succumb to Violence”:





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