Anopheli – The ache of want

Today i wanted to talk to you about this album i heard some days ago. Hello, today we review a crust album. The band’s name is Anopheli. ” The Ache of Want ” which was released on the 2nd of July is their newest release. Six songs are included in this album. Before i begin with this review let me just state that i am a big fan of Fall of Efrafa and Light Bearer. Though i have to admit that this album reminded me more of Fall of Efrafa. I really didn’t know what to expect. I have to say that in the beginning the album’s front cover art made a huge impression on me. Perhaps most people would agree that Alex CF has some mad skills. Check out his works. They’ re absolutely amazing. But let us get back to the album. This time i’m going to start from the end. ”The Ache of Want” is an excellent album. It absolutely is. It is absolutely heavy as fuck but then again one can not miss to notice this album’s enchanting melodies. It is certainly an album that you must listen to from top to bottom. Don’t do the mistake by picking songs in a random order. If i could pick one word to describe this album i think that would be despair. Total despair but in the end there is also a promise of hope. For example check out ”Squanderer”. This is a beast of a song. And those damn’ violins make it sound extremely epic. If i should pick a favorite track from this album that would had to be ”Squanderer”. Hands down, this is an amazing song. All songs are undoubtedly great. Jut check them out and find out for yourselves. ”The Ache of Want” is easily the album of the month and a serious candidacy for best album of the year. I’m absolutely certain that Fall of Efrafa fans are going to love this album. Cwill fans also. Here are your links:


3 thoughts on “Anopheli – The ache of want

  1. For me it was vice versa. I had no idea about the book. I first heard the band’s music and then decided to read the book.

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