Pigeon Down – Commonwealth

Hello, we’ re back again with yet another review. We have some heavy stuff for you, this time from the United States. Pigeon Down is a three piece band from Virginia, U.S. Their music can be described as mathcore, progressive hardcore or post hardcore if you will. Nowadays it is impossible to keep track of how fast these genre names change. The thing is genre names come and go. Originality is what matters as we have said so many times here. And i think that is the case with Pigeon Down. Back in June the band released this 2 track album called ”Commonwealth”. First song is called ”Song about being wrong”.It’s a nice song no doubt and definitely the case here is good song writing. Second sond is called ”Song about leaving”. This is the one i liked the most. To be honest i enjoyed both tracks. For me it’s music i can easily relate to. My only objection? Why are there only two songs here? Personally i wanted more. But you can also check out ”Left Unsaid” which was released by the band back in 2013. Let’s hope we will hear more from them soon enough. ”Commonwealth” is highly recomended for fans of Botch, Converge, Coalesce. Links:


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