Cemeteries – Barrow

Check this out. This album really sets a mood. I’m talking of course about ”Barrow”. It was released on the 27th of July by Cemeteries. Cemeteries is actually a one man band. Kyle Reigle is the man behind the music. His music is really esoteric, deep and dark one could say. Nine songs are included in ”Barrows”. These tracks form an album of great ambience. Listening to this album it feels like you’ re inside an abstract dream or something like that. I think you can feel that if you listen specifically to ”Can you hear them sing?” and ”I will run from you”. To be honest i like to perceive each track like an eerie fairie tale. ”Empty Camps” could be one good example. Especially if you’ re a Kraftwerk fan or if you like 70’s – 80’s pop you’ re going to love this song. But wait till you reach ”Sodus”. This is definitely one top class song. It kinda reminded me of XX. Surely ”Barrow” is really atmospheric and its eerie tunes will make your mind wanna travel. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Barrow”:


Leucrota – Demo ’15


Today we have some heavy stuff for you. I first saw this band on Cvlt Nation. Leucrota is a four piece band from the United States. Their music combines different styles like black metal, d-beat, crust and hardcore. Back in February they released this kick-ass demo. Five tracks are included in this demo. To be honest the first thing that caught my attention was its front cover art. I still haven’t figured out what it depicts but i think that it looks awesome. The first impression i got from the band’s music is that it sounds ”diversified” if you will. I mean, trust me, there’s a lot of stuff to discover in this demo. Find here great vocals, both crust punk and black metal ones. If you like blastbeats i think you will be totally satisfied here. I also believe that sludge/ doom metal fans are gonna love ”concealed from the sun” which is the second track of this demo album. In my opinion this is a beast of a song and certainly my favorite one from Leucrota. ”Swell” is a great one as well. Cool song no doubt. ”Systematic Violence” is a killer one. We’ re talking about d-beat at its best. ”Rotten Tongue” is insanely heavy. This song has also a great intro and great riffs as well. In general, this is an excellent demo. And certainly the band has raised the bar on themselves. I’m definitely looking forward for a full length album. Until then, check out these links:

Weak Nerves – Post everything

Check out this band i’ ve found out. Weak Nerves is a three piece band from London, U.K. Their music is a nice blend of garage punk, heavy rock and grunge. ”Post Everything” which was released today is their newest ep. Five songs are included in this ep. For some reason that i can not fully justify this album gave me some sort of a nostalgic vibe. Actually, right now i’m chillin’ in my living room and i’ m just listening to this album.  And it feels really good. I like how heavy it sounds and i also dig its nice, melodic parts. I must say, i liked all songs. If i should pick a favorite song then that would have to be ”selling daisies”. I’m actually not really sure about that. I mean ”Windowgazer” is also a really nice track. Just be sure to listen to this ep from the first till the last second. In my opinion ”Post Everything” is an ep that is going to appreciated by people who like different music genres. I’m talking about punks, hardcore fans, metalheads. Personally this ep made my day. Therefore this is the album of today for me. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Post Everything”:

Blind Authority – Succumb to Violence

Good afternoon everyone. There’s been some time since our last review. I was a bit busy with work and then i went on a short trip to the Netherlands. The thing is there’s always time for some good music. Lately i’ ve been listening to this album called ”Succumb to Violence”. Blind Auhority is the band’s name and hardcore is their game. ”Succumb to Violence” is the band’s debut album. Ten songs are included in it. The band delivers some good ol’, uncompromising hardcore. In my opinion their music is a nice blend of two styles. I’m talking of course about old school and metallic hardcore, with old school being the predominant factor hear perhaps. Apart from that this album really sets a mood. The way i see it, it transmits so much energy. Here prepare yourself for another cliche. It needs to be played really loud. Just press play and see for yourselves. Hardcore fans believe me when i say this but you are going to love this one. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Succumb to Violence”:




Anopheli – The ache of want

Today i wanted to talk to you about this album i heard some days ago. Hello, today we review a crust album. The band’s name is Anopheli. ” The Ache of Want ” which was released on the 2nd of July is their newest release. Six songs are included in this album. Before i begin with this review let me just state that i am a big fan of Fall of Efrafa and Light Bearer. Though i have to admit that this album reminded me more of Fall of Efrafa. I really didn’t know what to expect. I have to say that in the beginning the album’s front cover art made a huge impression on me. Perhaps most people would agree that Alex CF has some mad skills. Check out his works. They’ re absolutely amazing. But let us get back to the album. This time i’m going to start from the end. ”The Ache of Want” is an excellent album. It absolutely is. It is absolutely heavy as fuck but then again one can not miss to notice this album’s enchanting melodies. It is certainly an album that you must listen to from top to bottom. Don’t do the mistake by picking songs in a random order. If i could pick one word to describe this album i think that would be despair. Total despair but in the end there is also a promise of hope. For example check out ”Squanderer”. This is a beast of a song. And those damn’ violins make it sound extremely epic. If i should pick a favorite track from this album that would had to be ”Squanderer”. Hands down, this is an amazing song. All songs are undoubtedly great. Jut check them out and find out for yourselves. ”The Ache of Want” is easily the album of the month and a serious candidacy for best album of the year. I’m absolutely certain that Fall of Efrafa fans are going to love this album. Cwill fans also. Here are your links:

Pigeon Down – Commonwealth

Hello, we’ re back again with yet another review. We have some heavy stuff for you, this time from the United States. Pigeon Down is a three piece band from Virginia, U.S. Their music can be described as mathcore, progressive hardcore or post hardcore if you will. Nowadays it is impossible to keep track of how fast these genre names change. The thing is genre names come and go. Originality is what matters as we have said so many times here. And i think that is the case with Pigeon Down. Back in June the band released this 2 track album called ”Commonwealth”. First song is called ”Song about being wrong”.It’s a nice song no doubt and definitely the case here is good song writing. Second sond is called ”Song about leaving”. This is the one i liked the most. To be honest i enjoyed both tracks. For me it’s music i can easily relate to. My only objection? Why are there only two songs here? Personally i wanted more. But you can also check out ”Left Unsaid” which was released by the band back in 2013. Let’s hope we will hear more from them soon enough. ”Commonwealth” is highly recomended for fans of Botch, Converge, Coalesce. Links:

Main Source – Breaking Atoms

Today i wanted to present to you one of my favorite hip hop albums. It’s called ”Breaking Atoms”. It was released back in 1991 by an american band called Main Source. It was actually their debut album. ”Breaking Atoms” is considered to be highly influential. Personally i could describe it as progressive hip hop. Nevertheless i’m afraid that this would be an elitist approach to their music and therefore not the correct one. But i think there is one thing we would all agree and that is this is old school stuff. Most people would agree that hip hop music emphasizes greatly on lyrics. In my opinion one of the main characteristics of this album is its highly sophisticated lyrics. For example check out songs like ”Peace is not the word to play”. The album was produced by the band and certainly you can find here some awesome beats. I think that production-wise ”Breaking Atoms” is almost perfect.  It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song from this one. All song have great vocals, great beats and exquisite lyrics. Hip hop fans are gonna luv it. Link: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snas97u6EMI)