Sunday’s combo – post: Six albums i singled out

Today i wanted to present to you some albums that made an impression on me. I picked out 6 albums. Six bands from different genres. So here goes. Albums go in a random order.

1. October Skyline – That’s how Tripods work 

The band’s name is October Skyline. They released this album banck in 2013. In my opinion this is excellent mathcore. Apart from mathcore you’ ll find many Today is the Day influences here, which personally i found it to be great. Check them out here: ( .

2. Allfather – No Gods No Masters


A friend of mine recommended me this british band. ”No Gods No Masters” is a four track album. The band’s music is a nice blend of sludge, hardcore and metal. Recommended for fans of Kylesa, Baroness, High on Fire. Link: (

3. Vona – (Hope)


This album called ”Hope” was released yesterday by a swedish band called Vona. Never before had i heard of the band’s name. But one thing’s for certain. This album is very good and perhaps we must note the band’s name. Find here awesome melodic, post hardcore. Here’s your link: (

4. Cult Leader – Useless Animal


We have already talked about Cult Leader through this blog. This band has made a huge impression on me. With this three track album they simply demonstrate their awesomeness to us. Mathcore blends ideally with sludge, metal, crust and punk. Here’s your link and be sure to check out the album’s third track which is of course ”You are not my blood”. Link: (

5. Cocaine Piss – The Pool 


Lately i found out this crazy punk band from Belgium. In the beginning i wasn’t really sure what to expect. Nevertheless all i can say now is that i’m pretty stoked about this one. Even some grindcore can be found here. I think the band has managed to put together a very good album and punks should definitely pay attention to this band. Specially recommended for fans of Bad Brains and Black Flag. Here’s your link: (

6. Forest of Legend – Demo Ep


Last but not least is this demo by an american band called Forest of Legend. It’s pretty obvious to me that these guys here worship Black Sabbath. But there’s nothing wrong with that. We all are Sabbath fans. Let’s face it. Eectric Wizard fans you’ re seriously going to like this one: (



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