Nightslug – Loathe

O.k, so many people were talking about this album, so i decided to check it out. I’ ve been listening to it for one week straight and all i can say is that i feel like a crushed slug. Let me explain my self. Nightslug is a three piece band from Duesseldorf, Germany. The band was formed back in 2011. Their music is a blend of sludge, death n’ roll, and some hardcore punk.”Loathe” which was released on the 9th of June is their newest release. Seven tracks are included in this release.  From the beginning the album sounds incredibly heavy and quite ”filthy”. You quickly come to understand that this is going to get ugly. This is not your typical sludge album. These guys here don’t mess with the post stuff. The impression i got is that shit this time took another direction. A direction towards raw, 90’s old school death metal. Remember bands like Grave, Asphyx and Entombed? You can trace a lot of nice influences here. For example check out ”Under a Bane”. That was quite unexpected for me. Nevertheless this is one hell of a song. Crust punk at its best. Godflesh fans shoud definitely check out ”Pure”. This song is a huge dose of heaviness and quite experimental i have to say. Nevertheless if i should pick a favorite track then that would have to be ”Tainted Throne”. Damn, that bass sounds heavy! I think that the fuss about this album was justifiable. Perhaps some people are going to say that this is a bold statement but i think ”Loathe” is a big candidacy for album of the year. It sounds heavy as fuck, it also sounds fresh and inspired. Check it out and see for yourselves. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Loathe”:


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