The Airport

If you are an Athenian you have at least once in your life used the Hellenicon International Airport and if you are not an Athenian one of your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles has had the experience.

The Hellenicon International Airport of Athens, located in the south coastline of Attica, was the main gate of Greece to the outer world for over 60 years, up until 2001 when it was replaced by the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, located in the Spata area.  Hellenicon is expressly interwoven with Olympic Airways, the national airline of Greece.

This article is not about the history of an airline company, it is about a unique place of intense contradictions.

The airport, is an emotional gate that stipulates the lives of those who enter it.  You may be happy and excited about departing for your vacations or you may be melancholic because you are returning to your every day routine.  You may be sad leaving friends, family, a loved one behind or you may be happy returning to them.  You may be departing single and returning married.  You may be waiting anxiously for someone to arrive or you may just be having coffee.  You name it!

The airport is alive, handling discreetly all your emotions.  This process is being recorded in the air, you can feel it by simply standing still with eyes closed for just a minute.  Conclusively, I say to you that an airport is a city’s archive.

The Hellenicon International Airport has been Athens’s archive for over 60 years and when it was replaced by the new airport, everybody was excited about its next character which was, at that point, under consideration.  14 years have passed and the old airport’s fate is still under consideration.

Please have a look, further down, at what 14 years of consideration results in.



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