Hard Mind – Justice by Myself

Hello. Back again with yet another review. Today we review a hardcore album. Hard mind is a four piece band from Rennes, France. Their sound can only be described as kick-ass/ beatdown/ metallic hardcore. Until recently i knew nothing about the band. One thing i know though is that on Saturday they released this album ep called ”Justice by Myself”. Six tracks are included in this album. The album begins with ”Ax in Da Back”. This is good ol’ beatdown hardcore. And the thing is you quickly get to realize that these guys are not messin’ at all. ”Nothing without Sacrifice” is probably my favorite one from ”Justice by Myself”. Aside from a nice name for a song, it contains cool beatdown as well as fast parts. ”Westside Hardcore” contains what i like to call classic hardcore riffs as well as nice basslines. Be sure to check it out. ”Rise of a massiv Anger” is a massive song in my opinion. Undoubtedly this is a really heavy song ,nevertheless it retains its hardcore spirit. ”Black Block” is another nice as well. But wait there’s more. ”Talking Shit” is the ep’s last song. And the way i see it, it’s a beast of a song. One thing is for certain. I quite enjoyed this album. And i strongly believe that hardcore fans will do too. Specially recommended for fans of Madball, Hatebreed, Kickback, Senseless, Overpain. So if you’ re a fan of the bands listed above, do yourself a favor and listen to ”Justice by Myself”. Links:


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