Czar – Menneskehad

Blackened Hardcore. That’s what you get if you combine black metal and hardcore. Personally i like them both so i’ m down with it. Czar is a four piece band from Copenhagen, Denmark. I first listened to a song from them which was included in a death of a modernist compilation album. I liked their song so i wanted to listen to more from them. So after a small search i found this nice album ep that was released back in January. Five tracks are included in this album. All titles are in Danish. So i’m afraid i can’t help you with that. The only thing that i’m almost certain is that ”Kirke” means church. The thing is this is really good shit. I mean you have the best stuff that these two genres can provide. From that cold black metal atmosphere to nice beatdown parts and really nice riffs as well. Favorite track would have to be ”Helvede Eksisterer”. This is one hell of a track in my opinion. It should be also played loud. Definitely recommended for fans of Seventh Circle, Whorls. Nevertheless i think that black metal fans are also going to like this. Here are some links where you can also listen to ” Menneskehad”:


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