Sunday’s combo – post: Six albums i singled out

Today i wanted to present to you some albums that made an impression on me. I picked out 6 albums. Six bands from different genres. So here goes. Albums go in a random order.

1. October Skyline – That’s how Tripods work 

The band’s name is October Skyline. They released this album banck in 2013. In my opinion this is excellent mathcore. Apart from mathcore you’ ll find many Today is the Day influences here, which personally i found it to be great. Check them out here: ( .

2. Allfather – No Gods No Masters


A friend of mine recommended me this british band. ”No Gods No Masters” is a four track album. The band’s music is a nice blend of sludge, hardcore and metal. Recommended for fans of Kylesa, Baroness, High on Fire. Link: (

3. Vona – (Hope)


This album called ”Hope” was released yesterday by a swedish band called Vona. Never before had i heard of the band’s name. But one thing’s for certain. This album is very good and perhaps we must note the band’s name. Find here awesome melodic, post hardcore. Here’s your link: (

4. Cult Leader – Useless Animal


We have already talked about Cult Leader through this blog. This band has made a huge impression on me. With this three track album they simply demonstrate their awesomeness to us. Mathcore blends ideally with sludge, metal, crust and punk. Here’s your link and be sure to check out the album’s third track which is of course ”You are not my blood”. Link: (

5. Cocaine Piss – The Pool 


Lately i found out this crazy punk band from Belgium. In the beginning i wasn’t really sure what to expect. Nevertheless all i can say now is that i’m pretty stoked about this one. Even some grindcore can be found here. I think the band has managed to put together a very good album and punks should definitely pay attention to this band. Specially recommended for fans of Bad Brains and Black Flag. Here’s your link: (

6. Forest of Legend – Demo Ep


Last but not least is this demo by an american band called Forest of Legend. It’s pretty obvious to me that these guys here worship Black Sabbath. But there’s nothing wrong with that. We all are Sabbath fans. Let’s face it. Eectric Wizard fans you’ re seriously going to like this one: (



Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

How great can a man be?  How is this measured?

History has produced, throughout its time, numerous great men and women whose accomplishments have carved our human society as we live it this very moment.  Tangible and intangible humanitarian assets, creations of unique individuals, exist in all continents.

A number of questions arise.  At the time when those creations were being formed, could the surrounding society, fully comprehend what was taking place in its back yard?  And what if one could live in such a moment?  What if one could follow through the construction process of the one of a kind of his era? What if one could simultaneously be present and fully understand the importance of what is occurring next to him?

All answers lie in the Faliro delta of Attica where the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) is being constructed.

In 2006, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation announced the construction of the SNFCC in the former hippodrome area.  The construction of the cultural center would be a donation on behalf of the foundation to the Greek society.  The SNFCC would include the National Library of Greece, the Greek National Opera and the Stavros Niarchos Park.  Due to the progress of the construction and the completion of the Stavros Niarchos Park the site is now open to the public for a limited time of 4 days.

A marvelous opportunity to see something advanced, I thought.  The sun was hiding behind the clouds when I parked my sweet Saxo just at the coast line.  I passed through the Tae Kwon Do Olympic Stadium and walked the pedestrian bridge.

Something started to look and feel different.  An uncounted number of smiling staff was along the way showing the path to the entrance.  I am hearing beautiful Jazz sounds of what seems to be live music and the only thing that I can smell is fresh lavender.  I keep asking my self, where am I?

The majesty of this project focused my reflection upon the man behind this all.

Stavros Niarchos conceived the idea of transforming a part of his wealth into humanitarian gold by forming the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.  The most impressive of all is that he programmed the project to occur at a time he would not live to see it develop.

This amalgam of inspiration, vision, intelligence, quality and excellence is priceless and in no way can it be measured.


Nightslug – Loathe

O.k, so many people were talking about this album, so i decided to check it out. I’ ve been listening to it for one week straight and all i can say is that i feel like a crushed slug. Let me explain my self. Nightslug is a three piece band from Duesseldorf, Germany. The band was formed back in 2011. Their music is a blend of sludge, death n’ roll, and some hardcore punk.”Loathe” which was released on the 9th of June is their newest release. Seven tracks are included in this release.  From the beginning the album sounds incredibly heavy and quite ”filthy”. You quickly come to understand that this is going to get ugly. This is not your typical sludge album. These guys here don’t mess with the post stuff. The impression i got is that shit this time took another direction. A direction towards raw, 90’s old school death metal. Remember bands like Grave, Asphyx and Entombed? You can trace a lot of nice influences here. For example check out ”Under a Bane”. That was quite unexpected for me. Nevertheless this is one hell of a song. Crust punk at its best. Godflesh fans shoud definitely check out ”Pure”. This song is a huge dose of heaviness and quite experimental i have to say. Nevertheless if i should pick a favorite track then that would have to be ”Tainted Throne”. Damn, that bass sounds heavy! I think that the fuss about this album was justifiable. Perhaps some people are going to say that this is a bold statement but i think ”Loathe” is a big candidacy for album of the year. It sounds heavy as fuck, it also sounds fresh and inspired. Check it out and see for yourselves. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Loathe”:

DeclarationAD – Sometimes It’s Us

Today we bring to you some good ol’ hardcore from, literally, the other side of the world. Declaration AD is a four piece, hardcore band from Wellington, New Zealand. The band was formed back in 2010. ”Sometimes it’s Us” Lp which was released today is their newest release. Eleven tracks are included in this album. Before i begin let me just state how happy i feel that i have not seen any mentions here about vegan way of life or something like that. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong being a vegan. But sometimes it gets really frustrating when hxc bands insist on informing us that they are vegans and that the vegan way of life rules, e.t.c. But let us get back to the album. In my opinion, their music could be easily defined as heavy hardcore. I think the band has managed to get its message across from the very first song. There is a certain flow throughout the album’s songs and that makes it quite pleasant to my ears. It kinda sounds to me like a single track cut to eleven pieces. I must say i really liked their vocals. I liked the fact that in some songs a whole crew is singing along. I also think that their singer doesn’t have those typical hardcore vocals. Sometimes he sounds like a 70’s or 80’s punk rock singer. His harsh vocals are really cool too. Check out ”04-14”, which is also the album’s eigth song, and you’ ll see what i’m saying here. Without any doubt this is my favorite track from this album. ”Mental Hell” is another great one. It’s not only about these two songs though. I’ ve left out many good ones such as ”Better Man”. Find in this album cool riffs as well as nice basslines. Also check out their intersesting lyrics. So in my attempt to reach a conclusion i would have to say that i quite enjoyed this one. I’m not sure if we can call it album of the month. Nevertheless i think that it is one of the best albums of this month so far. Specially recommended for fans of Hatebreed, Terror, Integrity, Stampin’ Ground, Medulla Nocte, Thorns. So if you’ re a fan of the bands listed above do yourself a favor and listen to ”Sometimes it’s Us”. Links:

From Tape Trading to Torrent sites

First of all before i begin with this post i would like to congratulate the Golden State Warriors. They were the better team so they are the rightful champions. But enough with basketball. Let me also state that since this is a throwback, kind of, post , right now i’m listening to Sepultura’s ”Schizophrenia” Lp while writing this post. No significant reason why. I just picked this album.

So as you all know since the 80’s the way we share and listen to music has changed dramatically. There were no torrent sites nor mp3’s. People used to trade tapes. Tapes that used to contain a sole album from an artist, or a tape including songs from various artists. Also most of the times the cassette’s artwork was homemade, establishing perhaps something that could be defined as tape trading – underground art. It wasn’t easy to find about new music back then. You should also pay a visit to the local postal office to receive your copy. Some people claim that this was a nice procedure. I mean you were waiting too long to receive your goodies and then you could listen to it. Perhaps we can define that era as a romantic one. Too bad for me, i didn’t experience it. Unfortunately my generation never experienced something this cult as this darkthrone drawing on this demo tape:

I’m a 90’s kid. The period i grew up was a transcending period from cassettes to cd’s. But one must keep in mind that in the mid 90’s cassettes were not dead yet.  For example, back in junior high one of the first tapes that i got was Nirvana’s unplugged live in mtv. It was actually a cd copied to a cassette. I still have that tape. The period i was growing up, it was a bit easier than the 80’s to find out new music. One reason for that is that shows about music on tv were increasing in number.

One day my parents gave me a present. It was a portable cd player. The first album i ever bought was Metallica’s ”Load”. I don’t know if i should feel proud about that. Anyways that’s what i did. Even though a friend of mine at the record store tried to prevent me from that. ”Dude you should buy Ride the Lightning”. Definitely he was right. Nevertheless we can all agree that we all have that elitist friend that takes too much pride on his music.

People sometimes ask me about my favorite album. Back in the pre-internet era it would be much easier to answer. Nowadays it’s hard to say. So after Metallica’s ”Load” i started bying more cd’s. And also pc’s and copying pc programmes brought us to another era. The cd trading time. We started copying cd’s because let’s face it ,their prices sometimes were too damn expensive. I forgot to mention that back then there used to be something that nowadays it has become extinct. I think people used to call it record store.

I think the most defining moment that shaped, in a way, the way we now listen and share music was the emergence of napster. I think it was the first site where you could download and upload music data. And then other sites came along like limewire for example. I remember that i needed half a day approximately to download a track.

When the torrent sites entered our lives many people tried to remain hardcore and old- school but i think most of them just went with the flow. Don’t get me wrong i myself like to buy records and look at the artwork, the booklet e.t.c. Many record labels complained about the piracy. But one must always keep in mind that the piracy thing existed from the tape trading era. Also some people argue that downloading sites helped some record labels to boost their profits.

So what’s the current situation? Social media have made it almost rediculously easy for someone to find out new music and listen to it. You can listen to msic from pretty much everywhere. Right now i am listening to music from Youtube. I just had to type some key words and that’s it. My main complain though is that with so much information provided to me, i really do not know where to focus. For example back in 1999 i bought ”Beneath the Remains” by Sepultura and i listened to it for a year straight. Now in 2015 it’s a whole different story.

In a way that’s one reason why we wanted to start this blog. We just wanted to share our opinion on our favorite music and share it with our friends and with the good people that read this blog.

So what was the best time for music? I am afraid i don’t have the answer. Nowadays music is really accessible. Back in the tape trading era it was harder to find music, but some people claim that people had the tendency of becoming more creative. It’s hard to give an answer on which era was the best. Every generation has its own standards. I would like to end this post by saying this: Keep listening to the music that you enjoy.

To Heyzel & the Atomium

Hello all,
the previous week i was visiting a good friend of mine in Brussels, Belgium.
It was so hot & sunny that in each cell of my skin, a vitamin D overdose took place!
Got tanned in just a few hours, holy shit!



My friend thought of showing me the Atomium (fuckin’ great idea!!), a building that originally constructed for Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.


A building…. or just 8 huge atoms interconnected with each other..Yeah right, just a normal building…..





Although, during our trip with the metro/tram and before the stop “De Wande”, i witnessed a graffiti orgasm! The walls next to the tram lines were decorated by vast graffiti productions, full of color & style with the theme “Let’s travel with the public transport!”, it was definitely the “Holy shit!!” moment of my trip to Brussels! This is what i was able to capture while the tram was moving!























I couldn’t believe that this was taking place, not even a hint was given to prepare me for this color flood!
So i am just posting the pieces i was able to capture with my mobile phone through our trip to Atomium!
Definitely a challenge for graffiti enthusiasts, what a nice way to enrich the travelling experience between metro stops, fuckin’ awesome & unexpected!

And, please have two saints



or even more


and a “Brussel travel supreme bonus!!



So, i dare you to go to Brussels & go to the Atomium! Now you know it, probably there
are more reasons for someone to visit the Atomium & probably more reasons to even delay your trip to the location! I dare you to go there & capture better photos than i did 🙂
And read comics, lots of comics!!!