Knocked Loose/ Damaged Goods – Split Ep

It’s been a while since we last talked about a split album here in Tzertzelos blog. I think it must have been a year or so. I’m not so sure though. Anyways, the thing is today we have a split album of crushing hardcore music. Two bands contribute to this album, each with three songs. These two bands are Knocked Loose and Damaged Goods. Both bands come from the United States. First three songs belong to Knocked Loose. These songs can only be described as an example of ultra heavy beatdown/ metallic hardcore. Actually ”Damned Earth”, which is also my favorite song from this split album, flirts a lot with sludge. I really liked their vocals and their sharp riffs. In my opinion you should seriously pay attention to this band. Personally i had no idea about this band but i think they made a fan out of me. Damaged Goods contribute to this split album with the last three songs. They’ re more of an old school hardcore band. They do not emphasize so much on the metal factor. Check out ”Amerikan Skin”. I consider this song to be my favorite one from them. To be perfectly honest Knocked Loose made a bigger impression on me but i must say i quite enjoyed all six tracks. Here are some links where you can also listen to this album:


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