Meek is Murder – Onward EP

Wow, what a fantastic game yesterday! Fc Barcelona vs Fc Bayern Muenchen was a trully great game. And of course Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the world. No offense to Christiano Ronaldo fans but guys you have to admit that Messi is the best. Especially the second goal against Bayern, to me that was a piece of art. Can Bayern do better in Munich? We’ll just have to wait. But enough with football. Let’s get into character. Hello. Today we review a hardcore album. Meek is Murder is a three piece band from the United States. Their music is an exciting blend of hardcore, metal and punk. Back in the 00’s people used to call this style of music ”mathcore”. Nowadays they call it ”post hardcore”. I’m not sure which term we should use. We have already said many times here that genres come and go. Authenticity is what matters. And i think this is the case here. Six tracks are included in this ep. I mst admit this ep was a really pleasant surprise for me. Ok if someone had read older posts in this blog then it would become clear to him that we like this type of music here. These six songs sound inspired and really heavy of course. Someone might find their songs a bit chaotic. But trust me when i say this, through chaos comes order. What i mean is that everything fits appropriately. Take for example their cool vocals, their awesome riffage, they even got those blastbeats that we love in their songs. Quite enjoyed this one. Specially recommended for fans of Botch, Canvas, Converge e.t.c. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Onward Ep”:


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