Return of the hardcore rap

Hardcore rap from Greece? Hell yeah. It began about twenty years ago with bands like Terror x Crew, Zontanoi Nekroi, Agnostoi Gnostoi e.t.c. I found about Kanon about two weeks ago. He is actually an emcee from Athens, Greece. He’s been in the game since 1998. Back in 2013 he released ”Ο Διάβολος σε θέλει”. In greek it means ”the devil wants you”. Thirteen tracks are included in this release. To be honest it didn’t take long for me to like this album. The main reason is of course Kanon’s voice. It reminded me of old- school artists like Onyx and Joey Starr from Supreme Ntm. I liked his style, liked also his raps. Now if you take this album as a whole it is really dark and atmospheric also. Way back in the day Jeru the Damaja wondered ”ain’t the devil happy?”. I’m not sure if  he’s happy. Nevertheless track 12, which is of course ”Ο Υιός της Αυγής”, is a devilish song. Kanon rhimes in a quite passionate manner. Also find in this track some exquisite beats. This is my favorite track from this album. But it’s not only about this one. Find here thirteen tracks that form an album of raw, genuine hardcore hip hop. Here are some links where you can also listen to ”Ο Διάβολος σε θέλει”:


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