Gomgoma – Civilized Punks

What a shiny day today here in Athens! And what a better way to start your day than with this ultra- heavy album. Gomgoma is a five piece doom/sludge metal band from Chalkida, Greece. I first saw Gomgoma when they were opening for Eyehategod at An Club, Athens a couple of years ago. I wasn’t that difficult for me to like their music. They had also done then an awesome cover on ”Wolverine Blues”. I mean you’ ve got a sludge band covering Entomed. How cool is that? Anyways, the thing is the band back in March released this 3 song ep. Three really nice songs, the one being heavier than the other. It starts with ”Nausea Sempiternity”. I don’t know why but the song title gave me a Rotting Christ vibe for some reason. And then comes the next song which is of course ”To Crap”. This is a beast of song in my opinion. It’s absolutely certain once you’ ll hear it you’ll shit bricks. Last song is a 24 minute song called ”Cardiac Crisis Apparels”. It’s more of a noise/ drone work actually. But to be perfectly honest i wanted more sludge and less noise. But still, it works for me. Grief fans are going to love this one. Links:


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